Muslims are intimidated half the Germans?


Muslims are trying to impose their own rules residents of London. The so-called "Muslim patrols" — a gang of men who in some parts of the British capital, densely populated with adherents of Islam, demand from passers-compliance with certain provisions of Sharia law.

On the orders of their own accord guidance highlighted the London police. However, despite the fact that the police immediately react to the emergence of "Muslim patrols", the number of teams wishing to enter the preachers only growing.

Interestingly, some of the numbers of Muslim patrols, law enforcement authorities are suspected of involvement in the more radical groups. It is known that one of the participants in the movement had already served 3.5 years in prison in connection with what has been involved in fundraising for terrorist purposes, as well as on charges of incitement to terrorism.

The leaders of the Muslim community in Great Britain fear that such actions lead to the discrediting of all believers. Many of them have already condemned the action "Muslim patrols" and hastened to disown her, saying that "Muslim patrols" do not reflect the views of the majority of adherents of Islam.

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