Mysteries of the biosphere, to solve in the past year

January 4, 2012 11:51

The planet discovered hundreds of new species of life forms. Some of them are strikingly unusual appearance and
manner of existence. Here are 10 of the strangest forms of life found in 2011.
1. Cyclops shark
Akulenysh small size of just over half a meter was caught this fall in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists have determined that the single eye, located in the center of the head sharks, to differentiate between colors and objects.
The reason for this unusual genetic abnormalities has failed, which caused the Cyclops. Such mutations among sharks first documented. Scientists believe that the cause of a rare genetic disorders is the deterioration of the environmental situation in the oceans.
2. Chameleon Furcifer timoni
Chameleon Furcifer Timoni
A new species of chameleon with an unusual bright color of the body was recently discovered in Madagascar. Mottled pigmentation chameleon very surprising, given that the northern rain forests, where it was discovered, it is not
contribute to a similar color. For a successful hunt the animal to disguise, but the colors of the Furcifer timoni is virtually impossible. Scientists are wondering how this strange kind of chameleon to survive on the island.
3. Spider "Albino"
Earlier this month came from Australia photos unusual spider, which are very puzzled Arachnology. Before the surprise of scientists brought a whole new look, which is totally different from the others. White head spider "Albino" contrasts sharply with the dark little body so well its masking. The size of a new species of spider of about 3
centimeters. Official name until he came up, and they call "Albino".
4. Bat "Demon"
A new kind of hell bats discovered in the early autumn. My fearsome name "drifter" got a devilish expression faces that resembles a demon from the underworld. Despite the scary appearance, Beelzebub bat being very shy and does everything possible to avoid a meeting with the man. Inhabits the "demon" in the tropical forests of Vietnam, as far as possible from the people.
5.Griby zombie
The stem of a new type of fungus Ophiocordyceps camponoti-balzani stems from an ant's head, turning to a humble "zombies." Discovered an unusual fungus in the beginning of this year in the Brazilian rainforest. Fungi enter the brain ant, take it under their control, and grown there arguments for further propagation.
6. Sea slug "pancake"
Research expedition to the Philippines discovered in June this year a completely new kind of sea slugs. The creature looks like a colorful pancake, for which he received its name. What it actually tastes, scientists have recognized
7. Rhacophorus vampyrus
In the mountainous jungles of Vietnam discovered species of flying frogs amphibian vampirov.Neobychnoe jumping from tree to tree as a tree squirrel clinging to the branches. Frog got its name for the presence of tadpoles black hook-growths that look like vampire fangs. Size amphibians five centimeters.
8. Worm of Hell
"Devil Worm" was found a kilometer deep underground in June. It used to be that at this depth the life can not exist, but it looks like the inhabitants of "hell" do not agree. Scientists can only guess what secrets hide deep underground biosphere.
9. Marine worm with big lips
Another extreme people on the planet, a lover of great glubiny.Glubokovodny worm with big "lips" was found in November at a depth of 2,700 meters in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Colorful creature has an extremely long "lips" that help it to capture prey and survive at such great depth.
10. Medusa «Pink Meanie
Hundreds of unusual stinging tentacles of jellyfish are a serious danger to their fellows. Detected in Florida in January of this year, the jellyfish predators have not yet received the official scientific name. Scientists call them "pink meanie" for a voracious appetite and attacks on other jellyfish.

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