Mysterious Russia. The Republic of Sakha. Traces of an alien civilization?

September 18, 2012 21:13

Yakutia. The Republic of Sakha. The largest republic in our territory. In this vast taiga is cold pole of the earth. In winter, temperatures here can drop to minus sixty degrees Celsius! And yet in these parts people live — the ancients, whose memory has brought to us an incredible legend. In the deep taiga, in a place called Death Valley, people at different times was the so-called "pocket" — a huge man-made structures from an unknown metal. Inside, there was always warm in the summer. According to the witnesses, these boilers were there at the beginning of XX century. But almost certainly they are in the forest with an even more ancient times. Some researchers believe the remains of their ancient civilization. How did they get for what they can be used and do they hide the entrance to a huge underground city?

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