Mysterious underground people leave traces

December 20, 2011 23:04

"Here and there among the trunks of fallen trees and moss stuck upright petrified of stairs to the gods could descend on them on the ground to people. Pamu but it seemed that these steps have put forward from the depths of the underground Men Sirte: apparently live in numb grief he felt so terrible that they escaped from the depths of the sky. " Alexei Ivanov, "The Heart of Parma."

This mysterious people on the legends once lived in the tundra of western Siberia and the Urals. Hyperborean called them Sirte (or sihirtya) and attributed them to many strange properties. Sirte was petite with blond vertically-set eyes and lived in high sand hills.

According to legend, before for unclear reasons, go underground, Sirte lived on the surface, but avoid meeting people. Strange creatures appeared on the surface of the tundra at night or in fog. They wore beautiful clothes with metal pendants, often gave gifts to people of hardware, because Sirte excellent blacksmiths and jewelers.

So who are they, these mysterious Sirte? It is known that the Samoyed (Samoyed or nations) — Nenets and other nations — recently settled the coast of the Arctic Ocean (from the XI to XVIII century), who lived here before them? Encyclopedia In "Myths of the world" is mentioned a mysterious "small narodec" .

Samoyed mythology — is anthropomorphic creatures short, living underground. In the underground world they own herds of mammoths ("earth deer"), come to the surface, avoid meeting people. It is believed that the image of Sirte reflected memories of the Nenets tundra dosamodiyskom population. And here's an interesting description of Sirte, written by researchers at Nakhodka, based on local legends.

"Sirte — people are very low growth, but stocky and strong, who lived a thousand years ago. In all, they were different from the Nenets: domesticated deer are not kept, hunted deer "savages," were different clothes, for example, yagushek (swing female reindeer skins), the Nenets, had, dressed in the skins of otters (a reference to the dead coats). One day there was a large water flooded all the valley of the Yamal Peninsula. Dwellings Sirte became bosom elevated hills — "Seda" (according to another version, Sirte, "a thing of the hill", because with the advent of "real people" — the Nenets — the first earth were turned back).

Becoming the underground inhabitants, Sirte continue afraid to go into the daylight, from which they burst eye. Day they began to be at night, and the night — during the day, only at night for them to come out of the hills, and then, when all is quiet in the neighborhood, and no people. Sirte now running low, and less often they come to the surface. Under the earth, they go to the dogs and herd of mammoths ("I am the choir"). Only the shaman can determine which Sotk Sirte is, and in what they are not. " According to experts, Sirte — the people really exist, as confirmed by archaeological excavations and notes travelers.

Archaeologists found in the place to habitat Sirte iron and bronze objects of exceptional manufacture, made according to their data until the mid-first millennium AD. Yamal reindeer Mee Okotetto discovered ancient man — Sirte. In the northern part of the Yamal Peninsula, he found arrowheads, spear and ax, metal, ceramic izdeliya.Opytny Tundra believes that these items can only belong to the hunter-fishers, as place of occurrence, are not suitable for grazing deer. But according to legend, not only of Sirte were blacksmiths, but also skilled fishers, hunters.

They say that you can meet and Sirte today. Such is the amazing story in 1987, I heard from an old Nenets woman writer Gregory Temkin. "… And the grandmother of the eighty years. Not roam already winter in the village, in the house while away, and in May the younger sister of Paul — something very old woman, the oldest name is Galina — Vyucheyskogo Galina, — goes to the tundra, and almost up to freezing fish catches. Chum put yourself out there for ernistoy hills, lodchonka them on each lake, small mesh — high-midwives is not in force, even though they are still strong, but all is not what it used to.

However, sometimes a lot of fish are brought: pike, roach, grandmother once saw: a fish on one of the networks lake disappears. All caught, but on this empty, only scales in yacheyah. We decided the night guard, spy thief. Courageous grandmother! Grid placed again on the shore in dwarf arctic refuge sit. A night light, you can see everything … How long waited briefly — hear someone whine, like this: "U-hu-hu! Yu-yu-juche … "slim, if the child is crying. A sister, Paul, scared, come on, whispering here. And Galina combat: no, says posmotrim.Posideli yet how many, we waited — and waited.

As if the snow hill broom. But summer is standing, and there snow. A cloud of the lake closer, closer … Then the water went over the network stops, grandmother — and swooned. Not a cloud is, a man. Small as a child, also white hair, and all sorts out, touches — and the fish itself to him from the grid in the bag jumps. Dibs in the bush neither alive nor dead, afraid to stir, and peasant fish chose yes to both grandmas zyrknet! Known, it is clear that they are hiding here. Wagged his finger like this: that my lake, and the fish is mine. And propane. And over the place between the lake and the sky was a pillar of light, like a lantern who included. Grandma came around — and quickly from the lake, while intact. Greatly frightened.

Do not go there anymore, though. Galina, then remembered how she has her grandmother told me: always in these hills they lived. Who are "they"? Yes Sirte, who else. Damn — no shit, man — not man; afternoon hiding under the ground, at night for a walk, go earn one. Previously, the old saying, a lot of them were living in the tundra … "

Constantine Woodpeckers

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