Mystery death of Dyatlov

Author: Arthur Arteev

Residents push Komi version mysterious death of Sverdlovsk tourists

On the border of the Republic of Komi and the Sverdlovsk region in the Ural mountains of the North is a place that has the right to claim the title of Russia's "Bermuda Triangle" — or the slope of the peak in 1079, in a local way, the mountains Holat-Sjahyl. With Mansi its name translates as "Mountain of the Dead" — so this is the place Mansi called because of the legend of the death during the flood on the mountain nine other hunters. People mysteriously disappeared and died here many times (usually in groups of nine people). And 45 years ago, February 1, 1959, it is not clear why, on this slope Sverdlovsk killed nine tourists.
A plaque at the Dyatlov Pass

After that Holat-Sjahyl got its second name — "Dyatlov Pass". About the death of young tourists written nearly as much about the mystery of the Bermuda, Bigfoot or Nessie. But what exactly killed the Sverdlovsk, remained a mystery.

There were nine

History began Jan. 23, 1959, when five students of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, three engineers — graduates of the same university — and the instructor campings reached the 22-day ski trip length of three kilometers of the highest grade. During a campaign was planned and climb Mount Otorten (translation — "Do not go there" or "mountain, where the wind blows"), which is located near Holat-Sjahyl. Originally planned to climb the mountain eleven people, but one of the students stayed home because of the "tails" and another member of the expedition at the last moment went off the track due to a bout of sciatica. As a result of the group were seven boys and two girls. Their leader was an experienced Igor Dyatlov, in whose honor and named after the pass.
On the night of 1 to 2 February tourists camped on a hillside about three hundred meters from the summit Holat-Sjahyl and 10 kilometers from Mount Otorten. Here and there was that for half a century is haunted by the researchers of the ordinary. In the evening, during the preparations for supper and release the wall newspaper "Evening Otorten" guys something mortally scared. And so much that they are cutting the tent from the inside, in a panic began to run down the slope. Some later tried to go back to the campfire and a tent, but on the way they fell.
In Sverdlovsk been waiting for the return of tourists telegrams. When passed all the time, began the search. February 20 leadership institute route Dyatlov was sent the first search party, and then a few more groups. Further exploration work was even larger scale — they were involved soldiers and Interior Ministry officers, aircraft and helicopters civil and military aviation. And only 25 days searchers have found the cut inside the tent with all things, clothes and food, and distance — five frozen corpses. Footprints preserved over half a kilometer. And some ran barefoot and half-naked. Two were in their underwear under a huge cedar tree near the campfire (apparently run away from the tent, the guys were frozen, but for some reason were not able to come back, and that's made a fire), three more cold on the way between a cedar and a tent. Igor Dyatlov stiffened corpse half-sitting, half-lying near a small birch tree, the trunk of which he was held before his death. Closest to the tent lay the body of Zina Kolmogorova. All died of hypothermia, only one injury was — crack a skull.
A few months looking for the others. It was only in early May under a layer of snow and ice on the river Lozvy found four bodies. All of them were serious fractures and various internal injuries. According to witnesses, some dead skin was purple and orange, and the girl even absent language. Spetsorgany offered to relatives of those killed to bury them in the nearest village to the pass, but they insisted that the bodies were brought home. All children buried in a mass grave in the cemetery of St. Michael in Sverdlovsk, and in the early 1960s on the site of the death of tourists found a plaque with their names and the words "There were nine." Aryans and dwarfs Arctida

For half a century, the pass has become a real "Mecca" for all lovers of the abnormal. Several well-equipped expeditions have tried to get to the truth, which, as you know, is always "somewhere nearby." Unfortunately or fortunately, I do not have time to personally visit the Dyatlov Pass. But for some twenty years collecting archive of publications devoted to this anomalous areas. In addition to the newspaper notes, in the collection of art is the story of Anna Matveeva, "Dyatlov Pass" and Yuri Jarovogo "Higher grade of difficulty." Marked the beginning of an unusual collection of reprinted in the "MS" at the dawn of perestroika article in the RIA "Novosti": "Tourists killed UFOs." The authors report that some psychics, "communicated with civilization, located near Saturn", learned that tourists killed mysterious "ball-smertonosets." From other sources we found out that a few people from nearby places and students from the other is located near the tourist group 1 and 2 February 1959 did see on the "Mountain of the Dead" silently flying yellow fireballs. Only the part about Saturn?
A few times I've talked with people who have their own versions of what happened in the anomalous zone. According to specialists, "dyatlovedov," there are already tens of versions of varying degrees of plausibility. Head of the organization "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov collected 17 versions in my collection a little more. The most exotic of them — the "Aryan" according to which tourists came by chance to one of the entrances to the underground treasures of the ancient Aryan and killed by his keepers. As a variant of this version of the novel by Sergei Alexeyev "Treasures of the Valkyries" describes the history of "dwarf Arctida" also guarding the treasures in the depths of the Urals. Other versions: tourists have become a victim of the atomic tests, sodium or vacuum weapons, or if they were unwilling witnesses tests, their "smoothed out" special services. In the causes of death appear as freezing, an avalanche, a bear attack, a snowman or runaway convicts, UFOs, ball lightning, alcohol poisoning, etc.

Hansi not guiltyOne of the first versions — tourists killed the locals — Hanshi (so recently "crossed" the names of two Ugric peoples — Khanty and Mansi — one of the famous Russian researchers abnormal). The discontent of the indigenous inhabitants of the Urals could cause what sverdlovchane camped in the sacred grove, and before that allegedly looted sacrifice in the forest kumirnju. As recalled in an interview, the first investigator of the dead tourists, "Moscow needed a decent version without any nuclear explosions and the UFO", so the Mansi and wanted to "hang grouse." Some herders then even arrested. Rescued people shaman Kurikov Stepan, who came to the Sverdlovsk Regional Party Committee. Muncie aroused suspicion for the reason that near-Holat Sjahyl were their camp, and the mountain itself to them — a shrine. In addition, the marching diary "dyatlovtsev" describes a meeting with Mansi.
His "Khanty" version of the former journalist told me, "MC", and now the Muscovite Anatoly Saks, with whom I had to work ten years ago. He, in turn, told this bike geologist w
ho, according to him, was in search of Dyatlov. He himself had heard it from Khanty — witness what happened in the mountains in February 1959. According to the herders, tourists then quite insolent — robbed hunting cabin, taking the spoil of the traps and pitfalls, came to sacrilege: robbing graves and sacred places of sacrifice in these people. Ostensibly in backpacks tourists found dead sable and marten, blanks pim, silver and gold jewelry. The shaman came with exhortations in their tent, but they brought it up to ridicule. And then he "caused a" rite of spirits of the mountains, and to great effect slipped into the kettle of dried mushroom. After drinking this tea, the sound of a shaman drum tourists saw the ancient spirits of the Urals. And the fear ran down the hill, where, without regaining consciousness, frozen. Khanty — the ancient warlike people, but it is unlikely they would have dared to kill and certainly would not talk about it to all and sundry. But to come up with "horror stories" may well have. At least for the tourists continue to not touch their sacred places and robbed traps. In addition, in the case file noted that "the investigation produced 1 and 2 February 1959 in the height of" 1079 "other people, except for a group of tourists Dyatlov has not been established. Was also found that the population of the Mansi peoples living in the 80-100 km This place belongs to the Russian friendly, provides tourists with accommodation, assisting them, etc. The place where the team lost in the winter is in Mansi not suitable for hunting and reindeer herding. " Gone with the Wind, stunned by the sound

Another, Syktyvkar, the version that was put forward by a local journalist Vladimir Ovchinnikov — tourists have become the victim of a mysterious natural phenomenon — the wind "SHUVG" (from the Komi shuvgyny words — rage, make noise). In Komi mythology SHUVG known for being kidnapped by people wearing them over the forest, and stolen at this point becomes invisible to everyone else. And when the victim shuvgeya a few days or even weeks, returns to the world of dense thicket, where he has brought the wind, could remember nothing of his wandering, falls ill with epilepsy, or loses mind starts to stutter. But the stolen shuvgeem not die and injuries (other than mosquito bites and scratches) do not have, so it's hard to understand why the author of the hypothesis of "Gone With the Wind" has decided to "dump" the blame on him.
A mechanical engineer from Pechora Victor Tabarin suggested that tourists were killed by exposure to infrasound, which could be produced in the mountains. However, before this version has been repeatedly expressed. "The wind, skirting the top of the pass, touches the ground, vibrates the individual soil particles — he explains his version. — This is how the deadly infrasound., And he became a killer tourists." As is known, the human ear perceives sound waves with a frequency of 16 to 20,000 cycles per second. And what of the "16 and Under" — inaudible infrasound, which, acting on the body, can cause blindness, mental clouding, and irrational fear — at certain frequencies — even death from cardiac arrest. But this version does not explain why in some victims had multiple fractures and unnatural skin color.

Force of nature

"Given the lack of external injuries and signs of a struggle, the presence of all the values of the group, as well as taking into account the opinion of the forensic examination of the reasons for the death of tourists, it must be assumed that the cause of death was a force of nature tourists, to overcome that tourists were not able to," — such a conclusion in May 1959 gave the prosecutor-criminalist Ivanov and Chief of the Investigation Division Lukin. It only remains to add that since the solution of the mysterious "Primal Force" has not been found, and none of the extended versions for almost half a century and did not become generally accepted. And, then, the mystery of the Dead Mountains for a long time will excite researchers world neobychnogo.Rassledovanie TV-3, to watch the video

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