Myt Rusychi went to Sofia

"Metrovagonmash" (Mytishchi) produced and sent ahead of the Sofia subway last two trehvagonnyh composition of "Rusich" model 81-740.2B/741.2B of 18 (a total of 54 cars).

The contract for the supply of "Metrovagonmash" and Sofia Metro has signed in the summer of 2011. The first delivery of the two trains took place in April 2012.

The cars for the Sofia metro has several features:

  • design of solid wheels with sound-absorbing lining reduces noise while moving train;
  • interior trim panels in the passenger cabin, the driver's cab and the compartment of the hardware is made by new technology, which provides an increase in service life;
  • for the outer covering of a body using environmentally friendly dyes, water-based with the effect of "anti-graffiti";
  • passenger compartment of cars such as "Rusich" provides a high level of heat and sound insulation;
  • complex digital information in the passenger compartment indicates the position of the composition on the line, the next station, if necessary, can be broadcast advertising;
  • Cart Design redesigned for European gauge (1435 mm);
  • according to customer cars are equipped with asynchronous traction drive Hitachi.

  Cars 81-740/741 "Rusich" is being exploited in the subways of Moscow, Kazan, Sofia.

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