NASA is developing a project on human landing on the asteroid

November 1, 2011 6:31

Improbable than Hollywood blockbusters. The U.S. space agency — NASA — is developing a new project, which may be the most important in the history of mankind. Astronauts prepare for landing … the asteroid. And do not rule out that an international team will have to save the Earth from threats from space. Preparations for the mission goes underwater base in Florida. "Inter" has become one of the very few channels that have managed to go there. Reporting by Dmitry Anopchenko.

Huge asteroid approaches Earth, threatening to destroy the entire planet. At the last moment to send his team of astronauts. 10 years ago, when the screens went Hollywood film "Armageddon", even its creators could hardly assume that blockbuster story can become a reality. A feat Bryussa Willis to repeat by astronauts.

Here they are, the heroes of real history. 15 Th best experts, who were preparing for an unusual mission. All workouts are under water, at great depth, so they had to learn to scuba dive.

Because of the enormous pressure conditions at depth are similar to those that will be in the open space. Astronauts are in complete isolation. On the rocky bottom of the team is preparing for a long flight and a learning space module docked to the asteroid. What exactly have to do if the alien will threaten the Heavenly Earth — NASA has not yet decided. So far — the technology of the landing on the surface.

On this computer graphics — a plan of how things should happen. After landing, the space module consolidates the surface. Then — will begin its activities, the project team NEMO. Objective of the mission is not yet defined, but it is likely that she would have to change the orbit of the asteroid — to hit the Earth has not happened.

Bill Todd, the project manager "Nemo":

— We are not kidding when they say — one of the objectives of the project can be the saving of the Earth if the asteroid will threaten life on the planet. This has already happened — in ancient times. So the analogy with the famous film is, although we have — all the more significant.

In the "support team" — NASA officials and scientists, including even a psychologist. On the monitors — "picture" with underwater cameras and from the interior of the module astronauts. The task of these people — psychological support team "Nemo", and more — to monitor devices. After all, the dangers of the deep — real.

Dmitry Anopchenko correspondent:

— Mission control center 24 hours a day due to the underwater base. You can easily communicate with the astronauts. Onishi-san, how are things with you?

The cosmic team — international. So far, apart from the Americans in the group — the Japanese and Canadian. Looking for new members of the expedition to the asteroid, even a competition announced by NASA. Of the tens of thousands of willing will select a few people. They are also waiting for the training on underwater base in Florida. This project is in Washington now considered a national priority. And they say — on the importance of the mission of "Nemo" can be compared with Gagarin's flight and the first-ever landing on the moon. Start the asteroid is scheduled for the year 2025. So, until that time, the Earth is not in danger.

From the United States — Dmitry Anopchenko, Alexander Danilov, "Details", the U.S. Bureau of the TV channel "Inter"

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