Nasha Niva trial of suspended

Judge of the Supreme Economic Court of Belarus Viktor Kuril decided to temporarily suspend the process of closing the "Nasha Niva". He substantiated his decision that the court has not yet considered the complaint to the third edition of warning from the Ministry of Information. It handed down on 14 April and 29 April, "Nasha Niva" he appealed.

Today's meeting officially had the status of "preparatory". Early Victor Kurylo inquired whether the parties to find a compromise? Representatives of "Nasha Niva" answered yes, agree. Representatives of the Ministry of Information insisted at the trial — say, the newspaper received a third warning for one calendar year and must therefore be closed.

Then the respondents were asked to file the case before the complaint on the third warning. Their request was met. Thus, the process of closing the edition, which was initiated by the Ministry of Information, is delayed.

The editor of "Nasha Niva" Andrei Skurko on the steps of the Supreme Economic Court immediately after the completion of the preparatory meeting, said:

"We have not had time to contest the third warning, and we were immediately filed suit to eliminate paper. We have the legal right to challenge it in the SEC, if that — in the court of cassation SEC. So we are acting perfectly legally.

In our opinion, these warnings — like those two that we got last year, and the last — too formal in order to eliminate the newspaper "Nasha Niva". In my view, there simply is disproportionate punishment in violation. Even if there has been a violation that we made. "

I asked Mr. Skurko, now somehow change the editorial policy of the publication, not whether it would be more careful?

"Nasha Niva" is already 10, and maybe even 100 years is such as to which readers are accustomed to it. Bobs NOT newspaper, and the ideological line of the state. In recent months, in the last year, "Nasha Niva" in no way radykalizavalasya not ekstremizavalasya. It remained the same as was — calm, balanced.

As for the last warning and that a dispute with Marina Shubich and in general with the tragedy of April 11 in the metro, it is really in the first minute, the first clock after tragedy, we felt obliged to give as much information about what's going on. Clearly, this information flow agent because people were in shock, they could give us some untested evidence. However, all were wrong. Even the security forces, which are recorded in the list of the killed several people alive. "

Board member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Yanina Melnikova Also present at today's hearing:

"Of course, BAJ will track the events occurring around" Nasha Niva "and" Narodnaya Volya. "We believe that the current attempts to limit freedom of speech in our country — it's simply unacceptable. Unacceptable limit people in their right to read, to express their thoughts. And Even if we talk about the errors that may allow journalists, like all living people, it can not be the basis for the closure of such well-known and major publications like "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya".

The preliminary hearing in the Supreme Economic Court of the claim to the "Narodnaya Volya" scheduled for May 13.

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