Natalka Babin, Nasha Niva Last closed in 1915

The fate of the newspapers "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya" will be resolved in court, which filed a claim against the Ministry of the relevant information. How to perceive this event are creative people? To guest — old author of "Nasha Niva" writer Natalka Babin.

Michas Scoble"Mrs. Natalia," Nasha Niva "warning from the Information Ministry has repeatedly received — for different reasons. At this time, the second warning, after which the Ministry was able to go to court, was given for the alleged "biased" coverage of the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro. You, as a reader and writer HH what can you say about the objectivity and neabektyvnastsi? "

Natalka Babina"You know, Mr. Michael, I entered into a state of emotion that interprets the information as the Ministry of certain legal concepts. What's with the point of view of the Ministry of "objectivity"? Top of objectivity — that is, the movie "iron on the glass?"

What's with the point of view of the Ministry of "objectivity"? Top of objectivity — that is, the movie "iron on the glass?"

Or lampoon Ksenafonta Superfasfatava? If this is the height of objectivity, then I understand why they blame "Nasha Niva" in neabektyvnastsi. In fact, in his work editing "Nasha Niva", as far as I can tell, and I collaborate with the editorial board since 1994, has always sought to provide the reader an objective, timely, accurate information. This is its principle. You know, the question of objectivity is closely related, it seems to me, a question of confidence chatachov and performance. "Nasha Niva" readers trust. Here is an example. At the recent media minister Proleskovsky as good, modern media called the two newspapers: "Belarus Today" and "Republic". I wanted to see how good these modern media work, particularly on the Internet. I went to a public counter "Akavita" to compare. And what happened? "Nasha Niva" is ten times greater than on the number of visits and "Belarus Today" and "Republic".

Scoble"And what it looks like in numbers?"

Indian"I watched the data for May 5. So, in "Nasha Niva" for the day was 65,546 visitors, "Belarus Today" — 21,204 visitors, and the "Republic" — 1 five-eighth And now compare. What is "Belarus Today"? It is two stories in the House of the press, it is renovated, with a huge editorial staff, office machines — then there just is not. And what is "Nasha Niva" — three narrow room, a dozen journalists on their personal laptops write, because drafting equipment was confiscated after the events of December 19. This is the result and that this trust. "

Scoble"65,000-a-half of readers on the internet — this is really evidence of high trust. But let's get back to those readers who still read the paper version of" Nasha Niva. "Yes, and what it means for you is the HH, which so far can be purchased at kiosks "Belsajuzdruk?"

Indian"First, the paper version is important for readers of HH. For example, during the time when the paper allowed to give a formal network of distribution, circulation has increased more than three times. This suggests that there are people who are willing and able to obtain information that is out of print versions. For the editors, I think the fact of a paper version is also important — as a fact of presence in the community, as a sign that the newspaper story was not interrupted. As in 1906, she started going out, so it is today. Interestingly, the previous attempt to close the HH took place in 1915, with the outbreak of the First World War the imperial government has closed the newspaper for a while. And that is very significant that in 2011, when, it seems, is no war here, this is the second attempt to close the "Nasha Niva".

Scoble"Together with the" Our Niwa "and authorities are trying to close the" People's Will ". Editor Joseph last Seredich defending edition, turned to Alexander Lukashenko. How likely assume that the closure of newspapers — Proleskovsky initiative, and at the very top do not know anything?"

Indian"The Minister Proleskovsky somehow skharaktaryzavav political system, which is built in Belarus as" corporate state. " This happened several years ago when he was still working in the presidential administration. I somehow remember this definition. This "corporate state" corporation within society, it is actually a very closed, and there is no point in particular to guess what's in the middle of this corporation is — is an order from above, or below the initiative is, I think, it is not particularly essential. And as for the treatment Seredich, it seems to me, Joseph P. — brave and skilled fighter, who has repeatedly had to defend the interests of the newspaper and its readers. From my point of view, he did the right thing. Mr Lukashenko, of course, can be said that he did not know anything, but we can see that went to him a telegram. How will the event — hard to say, but it seems to me that it was done correctly. "

Mr Lukashenko, of course, can be said that he did not know anything, but we can see that went to him a telegram.

Scoble"On the show you mentioned, Mr. Proleskovsky media and its very active deputy Lilia Ananich saw how much in" Nasha Niva "those who disagree with their decision to readers. And like all the other readers might help his newspaper? "

Indian"Of course, the flash mob, who staged journalists and readers at the show — it was something amazing. This action, I think, the mood lifted and the editorial board, and all who saw it through the internet. It was great. As for the reader's help … I am sure that our readers, the audience of our site — it's so smart and honest people that do not have to call them for something, they will act as they see fit. In the latest issue of NN, which, incidentally, came under very successful classic slogan "To obscure the sun, little ass's ears," the editorial called on all those who want to continue receiving the paper version, the addresses to which you can send in a newspaper. This should be certainly do. Belarusian Association of Journalists has called to write letters to the Ministry of Information, which will celebrate what you think about the closure of "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya". According to the Law on citizens to each such sheet Ministry is obliged to respond. While the answer will be, maybe less make any other annoyance. "

Scoble"Closing the newspaper, the government may again take control of the independent media?"

Indian"I think it's impossible. Society needs the information, and it will search and find it — really an objective, true and complete. "

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