National Bank has released the Exchange Rate

The National Bank of Belarus of the day "recommendation overturned restrictions on the definition of banks courses transactions for the purchase and sale of foreign currency to the population." This was reported in the press release of the main bank of the country.

The document also states that "the use of market-based approaches to the development of the course Belarusian ruble in transactions with individuals will not only meet the demand for foreign currency, but also deprive the sense of furthering the acquisition currency to create savings, which was observed in recent years in connection with the expectations of the exchange rate. "

While falling BelaPAN number of commercial banks have established a new exchange rate, which is higher than the official 30%. However, as reportedand representatives of the three major commercial banks to buy the currency, even on a new course they can not because of her absence.

Since May 11, "Belgazprombank" set the selling rate of exchange at the rate of 4,000 rubles to the dollar, euro selling rate — 5750 rubles. These currency exchange rates determined on Wednesday as "Bank Moscow-Minsk and" BPS-Bank ".

At the same time, in all three commercial banks stated that currency exchange offices is still lacking.

"Despite the new policy, the terms of the old currency sales. Sell only the currency, which rents the population", — told representatives of all three of those surveyed commercial banks.

Today, the National Bank reported that the central bank will not sell foreign currency to commercial banks to replenish the exchange offices.

"The National Bank will not sell the currency, and touch their gold reserves. Banks will be able to buy the currency where they want them — on the stock exchange or OTC markets," — said the representative of the National Bank.

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