NATO says highly trained Russian troops

NATO says highly trained Russian troops
NATO hails preparation degree Russian troops near the western Russian border

BRUSSELS, March 23. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Denis Dubrovin /. NATO gives very highest grade preparing Russian troops near the western Russian border. This was stated by Supreme Allied NATO forces in Europe, South American General Philip Breedlove, speaking at expert «Brussels Forum», which is held annually in the Belgian capital of the German Marshall Fund.

«Russian forces that are in relative proximity to the Ukrainian border, the highest number of different and very, very good training,» — said Breedlove.

He also stressed that if the Russian management accept this solution, these forces «sufficiently to make an unobstructed throw to Transnistria,» that «is the highest concern for NATO.»

Summarizing the situation around the Crimea and Ukraine on the basis of belief NATO, Breedlove expressed the view that the Russian Federation «as the enemy is faster than a partner» of NATO.

After joining the Crimea in the Russian Federation in the West has increased dramatically the number of statements of politicians and the military’s ability to follow the Russian Federation east of Ukraine. But as explained by numerous analysts on the sidelines of the Brussels Forum, nobody in the West do not seriously expect Russian invasion actually on the territory of Ukraine.

«It is about preparing public opinion. The West needs to show that it has allowed a cheeky response to prevent the escalation of conflict in the countryside outside of Ukraine Crimea. This will allow to save face and get away from the very unpopular in the West and unsafe for the European economy of economic sanctions in the address of the Russian Federation. Likewise did the U.S. and many NATO countries, including France in August 2008, during the conflict in South Ossetia, when after the end of the active phase of hostilities, they said that diplomacy has allowed the West to save from coming Russian Tbilisi, which in reality never the purpose of the coming was not «- note the European experts.

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