NAZCA Geometry: A bit of history (Part 3)

Americans D. Woodman, W. and D. Sporer North suggested that the priests of ancient Indian tribes — the inhabitants of Nazca were able to make balloons out of tissue and filling them with hot air rising into the sky for many centuries before the Montgolfier brothers. Thus, they allegedly tried to approach the heavenly gods and know the magic sense of huge drawings. These researchers have even glued the fabric huge tetrahedron type of dairy package, suspended him reed gondola and filling it with hot air and sent to a height of about 500 meters, where he lasted 1.5 minutes, lifting two passengers.

The retired Peruvian pilot E. Erran went further in his hypothesis, ancient naskantsy even know how to build … hang on which their priests, and rose above the Pampa, performing some rituals. But no evidence (either direct or indirect) that the pre-Columbian times the Indians were able to fly, were found.

Very original kind of ritual hypothesis suggested I. Rudin.

"It could be a place at the foot of the mountains — he argues — is considered the abode of spirits, and the hardest work naskskih builders served as a kind of sacrificial offering, aimed at appeasing them."

This is quite in the spirit of Nekrasov Kudeyar robber, who vowed to atone for their sins dushegubnyh cut penknife old oak tree. But it turns out, there are even more "original" hypothesis. In some serious scientific journal Izbel quite seriously believes that the titanic work on "rascherchivaniyu" desert was some ancient kind of public works designed to reduce the birth rate of the ancient Indians, which was too much. Worried about the demographics of the priests came up with this occupation for the population to direct his thoughts, "the other side" (so that they, so to speak foolishness not toiled). Not bad, is not it?

Italian L. Mazotti in 1970 suggested that the Nazca lines and figures are sky map, made by the ancient inhabitants of Peru. However, attempts to link the images of birds, fish, animals with certain constellations were not successful.

Erich von Däniken drew attention to the fact that the band Nazca remarkably similar to modern airfields with their landing and taxi lanes. "Not all of this is related to the activities of aliens from outer space?" — He asks. As might be expected, against the hypothesis Däniken were together all the historians and archaeologists, and not only them. For example, a mathematician from Lima Maria Scholten indignantly rejected this assumption as anti-patriotic attempt to discredit the ancient Peruvians, who, in her opinion, "could do the job without the help of space supermen." But there is a reasonable question: could there really? Read the rest … Geometry NAZCA: Who, when and how? (Part 1)

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