New faces unemployment

The currency crisis in Belarus sharply exacerbated the situation in the labor market. Officially recognized that nearly 600,000 people have recently had to "temporarily suspend their activities." Independent experts believe that the real figure is much higher.

As the new unemployed are looking for ways to survive the crisis? The answers to this question figured regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

"The story about the absence of unemployment and high wages — it's hypocrisy"

In Gomel, unemployment has a clear "a woman's face." It is women who more often turn to the city employment center, to get at least somewhere in the Sahara to work.

Young says a specialist with higher education, but little experience:

"She worked in Belarusbank. Were merged branches. Liberated people — and was on the street. I have higher technical education."

The girl said that she tried to find work on their own, but was very surprised the level of payment:

"Went to several companies in the interview to get. But such ridiculous

Offering a salary even below the subsistence level

wage offer — 250,000 salary — this is even lower than the cost of living. "

A young single mother is now on vacation. Formally, it is still listed on the job working in housing and communal enterprise "Railway". However, the administration has already warned her that the contract will not be renewed:

"Workers work. They do not want me to renew the contract. The reasons they do not explain. I am a single mother, I do not know what they have a right not to renew a contract with me? Basically — it's brutality. "

44-year-old woman was forced to resign from the state enterprise Zlin in the union "GOMSELMASH." He says that because of low salaries:

"I worked at the state-owned enterprise Zlin operator. Salaries have been there I have very little, so I quit. I already pre-retirement age — 44. Now I suggest going there as a cleaner dishwasher."

"The declared recently by the authorities pay the equivalent of $ 500 today is a bitter smile"

Mr. Vadim has also worked at the state enterprise "Gidraavtamatyka" adjuster machine with digital control, but resigned. Wages did not reach up to a million, and we had to work very much. Authorities declared salary equivalent to $ 500 a worker is only a smile:

"It's all hypocrisy. Prices dropped, and do not say anything — do not give money. One tall salary and all others — minuscule. And the result is the average salary. Lukashenko said that the West is engaged in hypocrisy. He himself a Pharisee."

The official unemployment rate in the Gomel region in the range of 1%. However, the official statistics do not take into account the tens of thousands of people who do not go to the unemployment office, and go to work in neighboring countries, especially in Russia.

Grodno region

You can not even get a job with a limited salary

On the labor market of Grodno, people complain that they can not get a job with which you can live and support a family.

Next to the employment center in Grodno became acquainted with a gentleman who is looking for a job driver. The seniority of the man — almost 20 years. Firm in which he worked, was disbanded more than 30 people were fired.

I asked the gentleman — if he could find here what he is looking for?

Man: "Driving now a man does not believe anybody anywhere you do not need. It used to be considered a man driver, and now everyone has the right … ".

Reporter: "How much can you earn with what is offered at the Center for Employment? '.

Man: "A million, a maximum of one million two hundred. And the rent paid, for school children, and if you have a loan, the goblet and not enough. "

In the village of Beryozovka people are losing their jobs on a single industrial plant here

In the district centers of the employment situation and earnings is even more complicated. In the small town of Lida District Beryozovka one large enterprise — Guta, where many have quit on their own. That's what I said, to which a few months ago suspended the contract.

Man: "But the people themselves laid off and run away from there, because the announcement administration promises a salary of half a million, and there can not be earned and closely million."

"Unemployed people from the district center Bridges looking for an opportunity to earn in other cities and even in other countries"

Another gentleman from the bridge, adding that the people here, despite the limited jobs, not very eager to get a state-owned enterprise with low wages. According to him, the vast majority of those who are unemployed, looking for work in other cities and countries.

Man: "Most travel to the light to work, many who are engaged in distilling machines, go to Poland for the item — this saves us. Many remodelers, leaves this in Grodno and Minsk, and some even went to work in hypermarkets" Almi "that in Grodno. "

"People are forced to write an application for leave without pay"

Raven is in an agricultural area and, therefore, in the town only a few small businesses. A local resident said that for nine years he finds work in other cities, as there is no choice — just do as he says nothing.

Man: "Well, that's beside rayselhoztehnika, here the people were forced to write statements at their own expense and there is no work. Earlier, a couple of months, there were silent, now the Bay of people everywhere, spit, matsyugayutstsa, cursing and everything you want."

Vitebsk Region

"Nothing constructive people power does not offer — they are looking for how to survive."

Mr Nicholas had a chance to catch on Baranski Fair, where he was selling potatoes from your own garden. In the town of Orsha Baran is the only state-owned enterprise — the firm "Forest", which conducts periodic reduction of employees. Recently, in the fall and the unemployed workers of private enterprises. Survive in such conditions, who as you can, says Mr. Nicholas:

"I have a surplus of potatoes were here I brought two buckets sell.'ve Got my own

Unemployed people are employed in the "laborers": gardens vskopvayuts, boards do, roof pitch "

a house with a garden, I plant the potatoes, sow carrots and beets. Barani many unemployed, and most of them have gardens — even more so to starve. "

With the onset of spring barantsy unemployed or employed as a laborer working together in teams:

"Look for a temporary part-time work — a laborer hired. People they are called" laborers. "They vskopvayuts gardens, give it to them for money, and potatoes. Fences do.'s Team recently these guys on the roof of a nearby street was doing a woman, pensioner — for 900,000 covered roof of three. "

"Who in the village Andreevschina build the mall and paid parking?"

People are also looking for how to survive in conditions of unemployment. After all, power is nothing constructive in this sense does not offer, says campaigner "Our House" Nicholas Petrushenka. He was at a meeting in the village Andreevschina Orsha district, where just discussed the problems of social development:

"When the activists of the campa
ign" Our House "was asked about unemployment, it sounded very interesting answer. Like, they built a multi-storey shopping center, paid parking for cars and premium sports fields. Impression that the authorities consider our people very rich, as if they just think about how to make money quickly into the state pocket. "

The creation of new jobs at such facilities will not solve the unemployment problem, as these objects will not be profitable, says Petrushenka.

Recently, people are reluctant to bring money to the store or even on the market, said Vasily district center of town. Therefore, the unemployed has come Entrepreneurs:

"We have already sold three blinds. Why? My friends have sold 100 bottles of oil, for example, and that money can buy is only the nineties will go again — for 70 … This product will be almost all foreign, gurtaviki lay with the dollar value of . And now what course? Nobody knows! last time got the goods at one price and sold, and went for a new — there prices are very different … It's easier to sit at home! times here and went grass — pasture "(laughs ).

With Gorodochchiny, which borders the Pskov region, unemployed massively go to Russia, and this is the only salvation, says Mr. Basil:

"What else do you uratuessya? Us here a little easier: go to Moscow, St. Petersburg, where else. Rescues Russia, construction … But we -" stability. "


Belarusian borderland residents earn on the export of diesel fuel, cigarettes and alcohol

At each and every stage of Brest border crossings at the border crossing at rastsyagvayutstsa kilometers. For many local residents border trade — the only source of livelihood.

If a month ago, a significant part of the queues at border crossings were cars on the transit room, but now their only one. At kilometer queue at the border crossing Slavatyche May 12 only four vehicles were with transit numbers. Many Brest residents who are out of work, driven to Poland diesel fuel, cigarettes and alcohol, earning on it.

"By selling diesel fuel may earn. Basic earnings here is the difference in currency exchange rates. Purchasing fuel for Belarusian rubles, it can be sold for the Polish zloty, buy dollars and sell the currency in Belarus. On the cigarette may earn about $ 10. Few dollars can get a bottle of alcohol. "

"Lukashenko can cancel the increase in duties on imported cars"

Many Brest residents cross the border each day. Salary per month can reach about $ 1,000. However, the prospects of such a business is quite questionable, says a resident of Brest Vladimir:

"Who knows what's happen next. Just do not know what will happen with the road toll. Possible that Lukashenko has waived the increase in duties. Then many will be very unhappy."

In order to travel abroad, to an average of about five hours. Just a month ago, says Vyacheslav berastseets, it took nine hours.

"The border guards have a plan to pass about 60 cars a day. Here they are doing. Impression that discourage people from crossing the border. No. certain organization when crossing the border."

At the border crossing Slavatyche — huge queues


Reason for leaving — the size of the salary dissatisfaction

At the enterprises of Mogilev people unhappy with the size of salaries, laid off. Some of the workers are trying to achieve from the administration of benefits earned in the courts.

After working at Mogilev Carriage Works for years, retired welder Dmitry. He accuses the administration that are not fulfilled promises to pay for his labor. Mr. Dmitry says:

"For five or six hundred thousand, I is not going to work. Promised to three million. Constant turnover. Worked a little man, he saw, he turned and left. All older workers retired. We have the same rates are Ukrainian. Domestic machines are sealed. And we manually. just work for a penny, and everything. "

Working with the administration to sue

Dissatisfaction with wages became the basis for the suit worker Railcar Valadar Tsurpanau. He states that the administration routinely underpays him and his colleagues.

"Subject matter really — the system of payment that does not account for the contribution of each employee. Extremely low rates. People come to earn, and how to plan if you do not know how much you can earn? Ssypaetstsa all in the pot. Someone can not to work and earn as much as for intensive work. People are dissatisfied with the system. In response, the people laid off, "- said Tsurpanau.

According to the source, the court has appointed two meetings after the company judicial accounting expertise. It can take up to six months. In the meantime, until the end of the employment contract with the administration Tsurpanova left a couple of months. The plant's management does not intend to continue the employment relationship with me, says Tsurpanau.

Over the past two months, some shops Railcar idle for four weeks. The reason — the lack of accessories.

Carriage Works is not the only one that has the problem. Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Stanislav Borodavko how worked urban enterprises in the first quarter of the year, not happy. He asked in surprise:

Already 200 enterprises in the region do not reach the salary up to a million

"At the end of the year came on loss-making enterprises by six. On the first of January was the twenty-fifth Who needs it? Herded we drove, and that was the first of January? Or economic conditions have changed? '.

Typical situation at the enterprises of Mogilev — bank debt, the work of the warehouse and problems with payment of salaries. Foreign investment is not. According to official reports, 200 enterprises of Mogilev workers earn an average of 900 thousand rubles.

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