New Generation MRAP Casspir raises standards of mine protection vehicles

New Generation MRAP Casspir raises standards of mine protection vehicles
«Key features Casspir remain the same — says Ashley Williams (Ashley Williams), CEO of Denel Mechem, which designs and manufactures car. He was always a world leader in its class, providing unsurpassed protection of mines, bombs and automatic small fire. «

«Now we have upgraded protection of the body by using the highest became more properties to increment its capacity, improved accessibility for passengers and set it on a more versatile and reliable car platform» — says Mr. Williams.

Casspir is a natural choice in mine or hostilities, and was used from Afghanistan to the United Nations in Mozambique, state defense forces of South Africa, personal security companies and police around the world.

Denel Mechem is a world leader in the field of services for Demining and production of military equipment. After almost three decades after 1979, the year with the assembly flow came first Casspir, New Generation in 2000 to its end users to provide new abilities and overcharge protection.

There are two versions Casspir NG 2000: one is based on the Mercedes Benz of the box and with the introduction of version 2000B as a platform motor Powerstar. Both versions will be equipped with metal body refreshed and meeting the highest industry standards of protection.

Geldenhays Jack (Jack Geldenhuys), manager Mechem Vehicle Systems claims that the new car will also be resettled side doors for the driver and the crew and improved rear door for the landing or allowing passengers more comfortable boot or leave the vehicle during operations.

Mr. Geldenhays states that the main feature is its Casspir modular design that gives it an unrivaled level of operational flexibility. On capacities Denel Mechem in Lyttelton mc can be changed and adapted in accordance with the personal requirements of the client.

So Makar, Casspir can act as its own ordinary armored mine-protected, but can also be adapted to the field of medical vehicle, command post vehicle, recovery vehicle or lung ts. All variants are equipped inserts in tires for driving with a punctured tire and are available in 6×6 or 4×4 format and with a choice of manual or automatic transmission.

Its cruising speed is 100 kilometers per hour on the road and up to 40-miles per hour in most off-road test with supplies running up to 800 km on a standard fuel tank. It is capable of withstanding an explosion and 14 kg of TNT under each tire that is more than two standard mines.

Mr. Geldenhays states that the decision to standardize engine and box makes more cost effective Casspir selection of international forces and defense agencies that rely on his best reputation for reliability. This means significant cost savings for the technical service, spare parts and logistics.

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