New tremors in the north of St. Petersburg

April 15. Readers of "Fontanka" again reported tremors in the north of St. Petersburg:

"In Sertolovo again" earthquake "- writes reader Andrew. — Looks like the military again something explodes house tremble! "

These findings are confirmed by a resident of the northern capital Oleg: "In the north of St. Petersburg home again shake from explosions, apparently made by one of the polygons in Sertolovo," — he says.

Letters from readers on this topic keep coming. Add that "Fontanka" wrote about tremors of unknown origin in February. However, reliably determine the cause of what is happening and failed.

Military re disown explosions in the north of the city

April 16. Representatives of the Western Military District, commenting on today's media reports of new tremors in the northern part of St. Petersburg, say that no explosions at the Elizabethan landfill is not conducted.

"All the explosions, even if they were held today, stopped in 18 hours. Over the weekend, no one blows up, "- said" BaltInfo "representative WEST.

We add to the tremors reported residents Sertolovo, similar cases were recorded in February. Reliably determine the cause of what is happening in the art and media have failed.

It is believed that the earthquake has all the same natural causes. Geophysicists say the tremors are the result of the Earth's crust. Also, not so long ago, scientists have recorded earthquakes in Finland. In the full opportunity that St. Petersburg is really "treset" and the military here is not to blame.

Houses shook in southern Finland
March 19. In southern Finland on Saturday observed earthquake. According to the Seismological Department, University of Helsinki, the force of the earthquake was 2.6 on the Richter scale.

Places people feel like shaking them at home. In particular, the earthquake was felt in parts of Mäntsälä, Riihimäki, Ascoli, Järvenpää, Kerava, Pornaynen, Nurmijärvi and Hyvinkää. Center of the earthquake was located in the central part of the province of Uusimaa in the village of Halki.

But the fact that the tremors are felt in St. Petersburg rather strange, particularly those with an eye on the assurances of the military in his innocence to an event. But that would not be strange not proshodit in vast Russia, the majority of the population still does not believe in the effects of alcohol on the human body. That in itself is very strange. After all, look at the situation if it is serious, it is understandable why scientists can not determine the nature of shocks. The whole nation is lost due to the negative effects of alcohol.

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