Nik Wallenda. Stepping over the Grand Canyon

Nik Wallenda — The man known around the world for really crazy travel along the rope surpassed himself. Tightrope walker overcome without insurance Grand Canyon in the USA!

About crazy things Wallenda became world. Just a few days ago, he promised reporters that wins every conceivable physical laws. 23 minutes daredevil walked along a narrow tightrope without a net, with only one pole in his hands, which helped him keep his balance over the gorge at a height of 460 meters.

According to the tabloid The Sun, stuntman was going very slowly, rhythmically moving the legs. Twice he had to sit down, to keep the wind knocked him off the ropes. All the while, Nick Wallenda muttering prayers, asking Jesus for help. "Halfway I turned to the Lord with gratitude for the fact that it gives me the opportunity to test their strength and helps me in this, and yet, because I still did not fall from a great height" — confessed ekstremal.

Winds strolling along the gorge at about 50 kilometers per hour, as expected, the rope-walker brought a lot of inconvenience. "My path was not easy. The weather was quite windy, rope swinging. I had to be very focused all the time and concentrate on my way. I squeezed so hard pole that hands numb and sore still, "- said Wallenda reporters already standing on solid ground. He also noted that the winds were from time to time "unpredictable" and his contact lenses were covered with dust.

"I even had a couple of times to sit down, hold on to the rope and not lose the rhythm. If I had not made this short respite, and continued on his way, still do not know how it would have all ended "- shared ekstremal. Nik Wallenda is a member of the seventh generation of rope in his circus family and is involved in the troupe "Flying Wallenda," which he calls the clan that does not avoid deadly deeds.

His great-grandfather, Karl Wallenda died at age 73 after a fall, which occurred during his speech in Puerto Rico. Several other members of the family, including a cousin and uncle Nick, died in the performance of tricks on the wires. The very brave hopes his next achievement will walk a tightrope between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building in New York City.



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