Nine ships in search of truth

Ninth hearing initiated by the local member of the BPF Alexander Fur, was held in Kobrin court. The case stretches from September of last year. During the "Dazhynki" party member detained by police. Fur requests to declare illegal detention by an anonymous invitation and request of prosecutors Kobrin district audit materials on application.

Then democracy activist was detained by Kobrin police station on suspicion that he had a drug and weapons. Fur taken to the police station, searched and found nothing, was released after 3.5 hours. Anonymous dezynfaramatara never found.

According to the activist party, today the court system can not render a decision in his favor. Nevertheless, Alexander Fur goal puts gathering information about unjust sentences, fixing these solutions in the documents. Today, during the hearing as a witness at the request of Fur was called KGB officer, who answered questions from party members.

The ninth in a row is not the last court hearing. At the request of Fur, one of the witnesses must be and a former chief of police Kobrin, which is now working in Minsk. At this meeting the policeman was unable to attend.


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