Novopolotsk court dismissed the complaint on the official activist

Eugene Parchynski would appeal the ban on holding a rally on Freedom Day, signed by the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Vyacheslav Novopolotsk Durnova. But the court ruled that the official right.
According to Eugene Parchynskaga, one of the initiators of the public association "region free" campaign to Freedom Day banned because that there intended to express solidarity with political prisoners punished for taking part in the events of Minsk on December 19:
"I received a reply signed by the deputy chairman Vyacheslav Durnova Novopolotsk City Council, where it was written that the action of Minsk on December 19 was" unconstitutional. "And so to express solidarity with the detainees and punish its members we are not allowed. Such an answer I get is the third time: the same City Council officials wrote when I asked permission for common shares of solidarity. But the last case is special: March 25 we primarily going to congratulate fellow Freedom Day, as an expression of solidarity with political prisoners were further our goal. "
Eugene Parchynski went to court because the explanation about "antykanstytutsyynastsi" Minsk event he is not satisfied: first, to determine the nature of the official Minsk shares in March there was no — its members were tried and convicted only later. Second, such a ground for refusal is not in the law on mass events. Third, the deputy chairman of the executive committee Novopolotsk Vyacheslav Durnov somehow wrote that the appeal of its decision should not in court, and in the Executive Committee, which has no such authority.
Therefore activist suggested not only appeal the ban itself, but also asked the court to give a proper legal assessment of the illegal parade official.
But the judge Elena Vertashonak decided that the chairman of the executive committee rejection of had a good reason, and the question about the appeal to the Executive Committee simply ignored.
Vyacheslav Durnov does not show up, and it represented the interests of the ideological department of Alexander Bobkov.
From the courtroom was deleted Polotsk activist Victor Kolesnik. First, Judge Yelena Vertashonak not allow him to be a public representative Eugene Parchynskaga, and then told me to go out and accused of contempt of court.
Victor Kolesnik says he was amazed on what basis Novopolotsk City Council officials have determined that afterelection rally in Minsk was "unconstitutional":
"They relied on the assessment of the shares in the media, but rather in" Sovetskaya Belorussia ", saying that once it says" anti-constitutional "in it, it was. Without trial".

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