Nyaklyayeu: Language and history are not taken by vote, and the God-given

On the 16th anniversary of the referendum in the Belarusian language and symbolism recalled today during a hearing in the court of the Frunze district of Minsk, the former presidential candidate poet Nyaklyayeu.

"I find it necessary to remind the court that just today — the anniversary of the 1995 referendum, which was held power in gross violation of the Constitution and the law on the popular vote. According to them the issues of national historic features may not be put to a referendum, "- said Nekljaev.

He stressed that "our language and the legislative history does not vote, and God-given. Different language, a different story — it's the other people."

Nekljaev believes that the referendum in 1995 is a "falsification of the national consciousness." "For just this reason alone, I I have the right in no way trust the current government and even go out every day with a protest on the square, "- he stressed.

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