On Almetyevsk pumping plant has earned the modern press complex

As part of the modernization of the Group of Companies "Riemer" launched its first equipment in Japan force 125 t

(Kazan, December 7, "Tatar-inform", Natalia Topal). Today, in a solemn ceremony factory workers demonstrated the first product, which appeared from the press «AIDA». "It is, so to say, the heart of the motor submersible equipment," — said General Director of the audience, "Riemer" Olga Naumova. The new press complex «AIDA» and that come with a set of dies «KURODA» can increase its productivity by 1.5 times compared to the existing facilities at the JSC "ALNAS." 

 Photo source:tatar-inform.ru

Thanks to a special stamping technology new press complex will produce such lists stator iron to guarantee the highest quality of products. Simple stamping, according to Executive Director of "ALNAS" Alexander Kosovo, provides the plane of contact with the probability of slippage, and thanks puklevke when each part is hollow, the possibility is almost zero torsion.

 Photo source:tatar-inform.ru

"This is a fairly complex process, which we passed today", — told reporters A.Kosov. The above mentioned equipment is one of the top in the global industry of production.

"In Russia, we should be the best," — said in the launching ceremony of the head Almetyevsk Municipal District Richat ABUBAKIROV. "Now we want to show that such" white "engineering a completely different level — this in Russia has not yet built," — added O.Naumova and promised the audience that after 2 years, they do not know this company. Chapter Al'met'evsk, in turn, noted that by 2013, today's workers will replace the blue overalls on white coats.

As part of the ceremony the best workers were handed letters of thanks to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as diplomas JSC "Riemer." With the upgrading of the plant significantly increased the role of professionals serving the new equipment. Today in the press shop a professional team of 70 people. The plant's management strongly encourages professionals. For example, currently in full swing construction of residential complex for workers' Perspective. " Highly skilled and trained workers will receive a decent salary. The company will be attractive not only for almetevtsev, but also for the residents of the surrounding towns and districts.

Starting the press complex was the "first sign" of the investment program of JSC "Riemer" to modernize the plant "ALNAS" in 2011, $ 1.2 billion. Until the end, the program will be commissioned automatic filling furnace in the foundry, and in February 2012 the company will receive the first machines of the Japanese company «Mori Seiki».

For the record: The modernization program of "ALNAS" is designed for 2010-2013. The total program cost more than $ 30 million. The purpose of the project — capacity growth, increased market share, cost reduction, and increase profitability through the production of new technology and service offerings. First of all, the investment will be spent on modernization of the foundry, forging shops and automata.

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