On ANOF-3 JSC Apatite commissioned grinding section

In the milling-flotation separation ANOF-3 (apatite-nepheline concentrator) of JSC "Apatite", which belongs to the group of "FosAgro", installed new equipment — high-frequency screens production company «Derrick». Reconstruction carried on one grinding section — number mill 8. In the future, five mills (№ № 7, 6, 3, 2, 1) will be equipped with such noise.

On ANOF c-3 for the first time start-up procedures and technical re-equipment factory, which affects the grinding process, which is key in the enrichment of apatite-nepheline ore, since it is associated with high costs for electricity, balls, lining, water, etc.

An integral part of the milling process is the operation of classification, designed to separate the crushed ore material requiring regrinding and ready for the subsequent flotation. Classification of ground ore in mineral processing plants of JSC "Apatite" was carried out to date in the hydrocyclone. Commissioned a high-frequency rumble Stack Sizer 48 improves the performance of the ball mill by 30%. 

As stressed by the main enrichment of "Apatite" Alexander Kalugin — introduction of fine screening technology improves the efficiency of grinding by a third, and thus reduces the number of mills, at the same time involved in the process, which provides additional power savings and supplies.

FAQ: Processing of ore mined ore mines of "Apatite" and the development of apatite and nepheline concentrates are now carried out on the ANOF ANOF-2 and -3.

ANOF-3 was put into operation in 1988, the maximum capacity for apatite concentrate, 4.2 million tonnes achieved in 2005.

Technological scheme of apatite-nepheline ore is its crushing, grinding, flotation, with the recovery in the phosphate rock phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5), followed by drying of the product and shipping it to customers-plants.

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