On Gotsatlinskaya delivered hydro power plant produced by Privod

At the construction site of Gotsatlinskoy plant, which is being built on the river. Avar Koisu in Dagestan delivered two hydro-generator with total capacity of 100 MW, manufactured by LLC "Privod" (Lysva Perm Krai). The installation of generators specialists of "KaspiySGEM" will begin after the pre-turbine will be installed butterfly valves and completed the adjustment of the working mechanisms of the turbines.

Hydroelectric generators Gotsatlinskoy plant suspended type, with a capacity of 50 MW. A characteristic feature of the generator rotor frame is detachable, allowing the dismantling of the core cavity without rims and poles. This design facilitates access to the turbine impeller overhauls. The weight of the generator rotor rim, which is a set of die steel segments is 175 m To date, the construction of the building Gotsatlinskoy plant completed the installation of cameras and reinforcing spiral turbines, as well as the installation of formwork made mine turbines. Previously successfully conducted hydraulic tests allowed to start concreting the spiral chambers. The works for the construction of the fourth tier of the power of the internal array.

Construction Gotsatlinskoy plant with capacity of 100 MW and annual output of 350 million kWh is from January 2007. Organizer of construction — of "Sulak HydroCascade" — 100% subsidiary of JSC "RusHydro". Start Gotsatlinskoy hydroelectric power plant is scheduled for December 2013.

When completed, the plant will be the fourth Gotsatlinskaya in power to Dagestan. Putting it into operation will significantly reduce the shortage of electricity in the power of Dagestan, which in 2011 amounted to 1.1 billion kWh

Gotsatlinskoy hydro facilities include pebbly dirt dam 68 m high, shore power house with two types of hydraulic, water-supply path, the service spillway, outlet channel.

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