On Severnaya Verf composed of students of industrial training

At the Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" formed early this year, a group of students of industrial training. In the near future they will start classes at the Professional Shipyard high school number 25 and just three months will be able to master the basic shipbuilding profession: the collector metal hulls of ships, electric welder, trubogibschik ship, the garbage-dostroyschik ship, ship fitter.

During the period of receipt of theoretical knowledge (2 months), they will receive a scholarship from the company in the amount of 20,000 rubles, and in the subsequent period of work experience, which will be held in the shops "Severnaya Verf", the young people will be able to earn at least an additional 15 thousand rubles a month . After training under this program successfully completed it will hand over state documents on education, qualification and employed on "Northern Shipyard".

"Shipbuilding industry is now being revived: almost all shipyards Petersburg and many countries have formed a sufficient portfolio. Yet shipbuilding companies faced a shortage of manpower", — says Director of Human Resources Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" Oleg Bondarev. — "Nearly two decades of failure in our industry was not in vain for anyone: the labor market is not qualified. And this is a problem not only our company, but the whole of Russian shipbuilding. So now we all have to start from scratch, recreating acted earlier effective schemes training of workers of basic production and develop new specialties. "

In this regard, since 2013, "Severnaya Verf" will significantly increase the recruitment of young people with college education in any specialties for targeted job training major shipbuilding trades based on the number PL 25.

In accordance with the already concluded contracts "Severnaya Verf" has until 2020 to build and pass the Russian Navy frigates 6 (ships near and far sea zone) Project 22350, 6 corvettes (ships near sea zone) in the 20380 and 20385, 3 vessels with logistics high ice class ARC4 based project 23120 and 18280 ship communications project.

By order of the Government of the Federal Service for Defense Contracts "Severnaya Verf" is assigned the main supplier of the frigate class ships (Project 22350) and the corvette (Project 2038/20385) and is included in the register of the only suppliers of Russian weapons and military equipment as the sole supplier of vessels communications project 18280 . Now the company employs more than 3,600 people, wages of highly skilled workers — about 80 thousand rubles a month.
Text: Press service of "Severnaya Verf"

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