On the aircraft engines ended the third assembly of PD-14 engine

"Aircraft Engine" finished third assembly-engine technology demonstrator (DDT) PD-14 — the next phase of the project "Engine PD-14 to MS-21."

The assembly ended April 23, now the engine is installed in a closed test bench, where the process has ended docking thousands of measurement channels with test equipment and comprehensive testing began.  

During the tests, the specialists of "Aircraft Engine" and FSUE SSC "CIAM. Baranov," assessed the aerodynamic characteristics of a closed booth. This allows you to more accurately determine the traction motor. It is planned to carry out the identification of indicators of emission of harmful substances, as well as to assess the effectiveness of the control system radial clearances in the compressor and turbine. On average, the trials with DDT will be lifted more than 2500 physical and logical parameters.

Then the engine will go to the open stand to check the acoustic parameters. The uniqueness of these tests DDT is that it is on the third engine assembly Permian designers receive acoustic parameters with a maximum thrust of 14 tons. This will allow an objective assessment of the acoustic characteristics of the engine to install the system noise reduction. Acoustic testing will take place with the use of DDT protivoturbulentnyh input device in the open stand of "Aircraft Engine", especially of certified "Center of Certification" Quality "for testing PD-14 engine.

The tests will be completed by mid-June. The engine demonstrator will have to confirm the calculated thermodynamic and acoustic characteristics, and experts' Aviadvigatel "will join the database for further work.

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