On the altar is our will and work of Vladimir Bazan

Company Name Vladimir Bazan in Brest, where all in the mind remembers every interviewee. The younger ones who have not caught him live, still enjoy its finishing touches. Vladimir Bazan — a real revival of the Belarusian figure, a man who was the source of numerous independent business. It was he who helped create the first independent organizations of Brest, a free press, Belarusian-language classes in schools, and generally seems to be in the 80-90's there was a useful and important matter, which is not involved to Vladimir Bazan.

Independence Days '91 in Brest — quiet and wealthy regional center — were met not quite as in Minsk.

(Archive Igor Baranovsky)

Mentions colleague Vladimir Bazan Igor Baranovsky:

"Thousands rally in Brest was. Mob stormed the former building of the city Party committee, it seems. There's already cracked the door, I remember now, we Bazanov stood apart, so here hands with white-red-white flags, and said: People do not hit the glass, it's our property, our building. However, the regional party signs were broken. Building under crowd popped the door burst, but survived.

Radically changed all that was before. Such a landmark period watershed.

That's me and here in Brest frontovskogo circle just then there was a sense: it's broken, that's it, independence. Radically changed all that was before. Such a landmark period watershed. We after the rally was a very interesting situation. After the rally, we have created a structure through the front of the buildings of the Regional Party Committee, Party Archives. We have so-called royal village — for a monument to Lenin. And then the authorities were terribly frightened … Why set up security — because we were afraid they would burn the archives, some documents to provide, to hide. The feeling that at some point the power was confused, it's not just a turning point in there somewhere in Minsk or Moscow, and we have in the region, it was clearly evident in Brest. "

The phenomenon of the extraordinary personality of Vladimir Bazan tried to determine the translator-Germanic Eugene Belasin:

The first mass public event in Brest, on the anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy. 1990. (Archive Ya.Byalasina)

"I was amazed at basanite model — it is the simple condition, his parents are farmers, I went there for the funeral. My brother had a simple man. And he is different — why else? I have this phenomenon just interested. Here he is self-taught. "

Igor Baranovsky"He has risen from the fact that the Soviet, raised in Minsk, since he was born already in Minsk. He graduated from the Arts and Theatre Institute. Vladimir Bazan was at the forefront of the Belarusian movement in Brest. In the late 80s there appeared partnership "The Edge", the socio-cultural association, and Vladimir Bazan, who was a member of the Union of artists, collectors, known in Brest — he was interested in the Belarusian subjects and unconditionally join this community, was one of the most active belarushchyny makers in the city. Stood at the origins of the BNF in Brest, he was engaged in many organizational activities. He was at the founding congress of the Belarusian Popular Front in Vilnius.

Very fond of photos and files, generally he was very rich archives. After all, he was a collector, known throughout Belarus, his famous collection of Bono, and maybe even the best in Belarus. Probably not in vain him Belarusian historical encyclopedia requested to write an article on banistytsy — the science that deals with paper currency signs. This collection was exhibited somewhere. After all, it is a lot of examples of efforts to ensure that the cultural and historical heritage of Belarus was known and available. This coat of arms of the city to which he was involved, that he was the rightful city coat of arms.

Vladimir Bazan at the festival brestchan world. 1994 (MI Lavrovskiy archive)

He was a great patriot of Brest. So was one of the founders of the public association "Old Town". Also note that he had also become the founder of the national fund to support democratic reforms Lev Sapieha. Perhaps, too, is no accident. He and I were at the founding congress of the organization in Minsk and Brest branch created.

Vladimir Bazan (archive K.Bazana)

Volodya base is very interested in the problems of local government, it is understood that without this local democracy and local belarushchyny Belarus will not take place as a country. If these germs are not lent out in the field and in the regions. When he created Sapieha Foundation together with George Kunevich and when I was persuaded to become a founder, he said, is simple: "We need a platform and a place where you can talk to our officials, our nomenclature. Which will host scientific meetings, conferences, where we can, and in formal and informal settings and talk together to find what unites us. "

Vladimir Bazan being so, it seems, a humanist, a painter, he realized that without private businesses, small businesses Belarus as an independent country would have a big problem. Although if I recall, we keenly debated, and many in independent circles, including in the BNF were afraid of the small-scale privatization, because they thought that there will be stealing faster. Vladimir Bazan saw that this is the way to normal in Belarus, if there is a Belarusian business. Unfortunately, he did not appear, and today we have these problems, and that the party can not be normal, because there are circles that have defended his economic thought through the party structure.

Bazan was able to find understanding and support for the Belarusian Minister for the revival of the Belarusian

I know that many businessmen in Brest, helped to exist and the BPF office as needed lot of money, support, and cultural promotion. Actually, it was the merit of Volodya Bazan, who was able to find understanding and support for the Belarusian Minister for the revival of the Belarusian and independence through our local businessmen.

I think that many businessmen in Brest after went to the democratic organization, UCP in particular, after the death of Volodya Bazan — is it some credit because he met with them, talked and argued. "

The statement of protest on behalf of the public against the detention of Brest Ukrainian observers after the 1996 referendum. The first signature — Ul.Bazan. 1996

Igor Baranovsky, a longtime friend of the Front, argues that the time when Vladimir Bazan led the regional council of the Belarusian Popular Front, which is the period 1992-1997 — was the best period in Brest Front.

This is confirmedZenon Pozniak"Vladimir Bazan was the leader of the Belarusian Popular Front Brest happy. It was a strong and reliable Belarusian, a good organizer and all that personality, which is usually held a political organization. When it was a common cause or event, over Brest could not worry: Base made. The last time I saw Vladimir Bazan summer of 1996 in Warsaw, when he was in political exile. We talked about the new bandit situat
ion that has developed in Belarus, and discussed what to do in front of the circumstances. Volodya saw it all and priced accordingly.

He was a man of that era, when it was won by the real independence of Belarus

I did not know that at that time he was already terminally ill. See was that he was deeply immersed in himself, as if searching for some kind of unconscious response. We have agreed on how we keep in touch. But fate had its own way. The death of Vladimir Bazan in his prime was for Belarus and for all of us a great loss. Once a dark time has come, needed people such as Vladimir Bazan, and he walked away. And now my soul aches. But I know that on the altar of our freedom and independence, lies and his work, conscience and spirit.

Like hundreds of other frontovtsev, it was a man age. Of that era, when it was won by the real independence of Belarus. "

All the affairs Vladimir Bazan came up as an artist. His work in technology sgrafita still adorn the buildings of Brest. It was he privy to the fact that the current coat of arms of the city — a bow with a tense string — corresponded to the historical. But were he and other works.

Igor Baranovsky"In '94 we decided to take advantage of this interesting feature of the then electoral rules. It was possible to produce electoral inscription, and as it was not clear. Well, the last day before the vote, we decided to Vladimir Bazanov write a slogan, "Pozniak — is our chance," on the fence, which fence off the unfinished factory radio Masherova the street. This is the main street that runs through the city. At the same huge reinforced concrete fence height of the individual letters in the inscription was made late in the evening. In the last letters of the police yet we are detained, and not knowing what to do, delivered to the site. Then the trial was held. In court found an interesting situation. If a representative of the factory radio, a lawyer, began to say, well, you're out there smeared on the fence, Vladimir began to speak: "You what! Is plastered! I am a professional artist, I have the education and certification. This headset is so and so, the font is such and such, that's my biggest piece of art. " Indeed, at 40 meters inscription stretched. He was a long time after the election hung it tried, though, to gloss over. "

Like many of those who gave and gives himself to the revival, Vladimir Bazan was forced to divide themselves between the family and its own purpose.

Constantine Bazan (left) near his home father

In the photo Vladimir Bazan and his son Constantine and daughter Alesya

Son of Vladimir Bazan Constantine refused to talk. His parents divorced when he and my sister were very small. It seemed to me that the pain of losing his father, and the loss not only through death, but through his dedication, not quieter. However, Vladimir Bazan became symbolic father of many small brestchan:

Igor Baranovsky"Ascetic lifestyle, which led the way, Volodya, — it must be emphasized, that the person was disinterested. He wanted to give everything to their children, which is very, very loved. Konstantin he went to the first class of Belarus in Brest. He himself out as the father of this class, gathered the children and other parents. We went together to the apartments, was invited. In this class 9 school, children have grown. And many have been very developed, I already know that many say freely and in Russian and in Russian and in English. Thanks to this first experience, we have shown that normal children can get out of the Belarusian classes. Well, the credit framework in the creation of these classes in the first Belarusian Brest considerable, as he worked with a teacher to help her than he could, teaching Belarusian materials. She has always appealed to him for help and always found the help that he could have both as an artist and as a connoisseur of belarushchyny. "

Picket in support of independence. Brest. April 2, 1996. V.Bazan — the extreme right (archive I.Baranovskaga)

Vladimir Bazan two years in the evenings he taught the history of art to students of the Belarusian branch of Kolosovsky school in Brest.

Vladimir Bazan about Christmas Christmas trees. 1996 in Brest (archive I.Baranovskaga).

Vladimir Bazan died in 1997 from a sudden illness. This death was so sudden and unfair to everyone that is still being disputed explanations.
In recent days, next to Vladimir Bazan was the father Igor Kondratyev, Priest created with the direct participation Bazan Greek Catholic parish in Brest.

Father Igor Kondratyev at home parents Vladimir Bazan (archive I.Baranovskaga)

Father Igor Kondratyev"There are not many people left in our parish who remember him. Today it's more young people come — those who came after Volodya. But it is very valuable that they came to the place that is prepared Vladimir Bazan. When I think back and ponder about whose merits of what we have today — and the building and the dining room, and kitchen, and printing, and the school children, the editors. Many different areas of activity. This is all thanks to the people who were at the origins, from the very beginning — for me it Volodya. "



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