On the Aviastar finished interior installation at the next plane Sukhoi Superjet 100

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On the "Aviastar" finished interior installation at the next plane Sukhoi Superjet 100.

16 May 2013, 16:35This work is performed under the agreement on industrial cooperation between "Aviastar-SP" and the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft". According to the document the Ulyanovsk plant carries out a full range of installation of interior passenger compartments of aircraft of this type.


Customer regular airliner is the Indonesian airline «Sky Aviation». This is the second plane of the operator.

The assembly shop of the enterprise Ulyanovsk aircraft manufacturers have implemented on an airliner installation of interior in full accordance with the approved contract. Workers' Aviastar "in the configuration at the request of the buyer successfully installed passenger seats, kitchens, toilets, luggage racks, flooring and carpeting is made lining doors, service areas, cloakrooms. Including the Sukhoi Superjet 100 installed safety equipment, fire protection.

Upon completion of the production SSJ100 ottransportirovan final assembly on a flight test station for testing systems, test response signals flight attendant and other works. Next, the aircraft will be sent to a specialized company in the painting "Spektr-Avia", and then transferred to the operator.

In the near future employees "Aviastar-SP" awaiting the arrival of Sukhoi Superjet 100 Lao Lao Central Airlines for mounting interior.

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