On the field in Latvia found a giant icon

As it became known, from 22 to 23 July 2007, at night, in Zemgale that in the town of Latvia, was discovered by a giant icon in the field of rye, which consisted of 14 correct circles of different diameters, which stretches over an area of several hectares. Due to the astounding complexity of the picture and its enormous size, the version of the manual and semi-automated production does not take place. Latvian icon has become the largest one found in Latvia.

On the night of July 23 at a rye field in Zemgale local residents discovered a giant picture of flattened wheat, according to the Latvian Internet newspaper NovoNews.

The size of the icons of a few acres, it is a huge 14 correct circles of different diameters.
At the scene immediately began to flock to ufologists, who argue that the figure is exactly like the famous "circles aliens" in the wheat fields that appear in different parts of the world. Latvia had already been recorded two similar picture, but this surpasses them in magnitude.

In the near future ufologists are planning to extend the aerial phenomenon and press photos. However, they refused to tell reporters the exact location of the field where there were circles, since the land is private, and its owner would not want the invasion of onlookers.

Note that at the end of the XX century, the world has been recorded about 3,000 cases of the appearance of giant circular patterns on wheat fields. Most (over 2000), the icons found in the UK. In second place are the Netherlands (97 laps), the third — Russia, where witnesses observed more than 60 occurrences of strange drawings.

Many believe that the mysterious pictures — the handiwork of local pranksters. However, ufologists constantly prove that people today can not so gently crush the wheat at such a vast territory. Scale and accuracy circles only becomes apparent when you look at their pictures from the air.

Source: Inomir.Ru

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