On the IzhAvto purchased two new machines for plastic injection molds

On the "IzhAvto" will independently produce plastic products for car "Lada Granta" and the alliance of foreign cars "Renault-Nissan."

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As part of a large-scale modernization of production at the company purchased two new injection molding machine, which will earn until the end of the year.

"This is the best equipment for the production of plastic, which is now on the market just is. I am confident that this will enable us not only to produce quality products, but also reduce the cost of production, because the plastic parts because of its volume are of great value in transit ", — told reporters the company's CEO Alexey Alexeev. 

"There will be affected by the modernization of the most serious press production for the production of parts, plastic workshop, in which we find ourselves, Paint Shop plastic, coloring production — we will launch a second line of paint and assembly shop, which will also run a second line, which previously produced the classic model family — in the future it will be made the model of "Reno." That is, the entire production will be affected, but this is not surprising, because we are, this year, will produce, I think, a little over 60,000 cars, plans for 2017 — is 300,000 cars, so of course everything will be strengthened and modernized ".

The shop will produce front and rear bumpers, door trim and instrument panel. First components will be designed to "Lada Grants", and then for the Japanese and French models. The production of parts for the "Grants" in the back of a hatchback will be fully localized in Izhevsk, since the spring of next year, the car will produce only "IzhAvto".

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