On the RB-10 worked actions for damage control vessel

The crew of the new harbor tug "RB-10" Caspian flotilla successfully operated action against the damage-completed arrangements for refueling and resupply. As the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, in the future on the high seas Caspians will improve skills in various towing vessels and ships in coastal areas.

 Photo source:vpk.name

Raid tugboat "RB-10" entered in the composition of the fleet in November 2011. The main features are its high vessel seaworthiness and the ability to pass through to its low rainfall (280 cm), shallow waters of the river Volga, Volga-Caspian Canal and the Northern Caspian. Two engines with 800 hp allow to tow any vehicle or vessel.

The vessel of "river-sea" is designed taking into account the characteristics of the Caspian Sea and the Volga delta, is equipped with the latest equipment, the GLONASS navigation system, communications system, and automated management.

In 2012, the planned inclusion of the third fleet tug of the project.

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