On the Red Sormovo started the construction of a fourth tanker project RST27

 Photo source:nnov.ru

"Plant" Red Sormovo "(part of the JSC" United Shipbuilding Corporation ") in mid-December, laid the fourth tanker" Volga-Don Max "(building number 02005), a class project RST27.
The customer a series of vessels of RST27 acts shipping company "VFTanker" (part of the holding VBTH). RST27 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. Hull's theoretical forms are the product of the research work carried out in 2010, were created using the methods of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD simulation) model and have been tested in experimental pool Central Research Institute. Acad. Krylov.
Tankers project RST27 satisfy the dimensions of the Volga-Don Canal and Volga — Baltic Way.
• Overall length — 140.85 m,
• width — 16.6 m,
• depth — 6 m,
• capacity of six cargo tanks and two slop tanks — 8100 cu. m
• deadweight — 6980 tons with a draft of 4.2 m
• deadweight in river draft of 3.6 m — 5378 tons,
• Cruising speed — 10.0 knots.
The lead ship of the project RST27 (building number 02001) was laid July 15, 2011. Descent brain tanker project is expected February 22, 2012.
Whole Plant "Red Sormovo" to be built 10 tankers project RST27.

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