On the Star launched ASMC Smolensk

At ASMC "Smolensk" stacker completed stage of repair: August 5, Dock operation carried out on the descent ship on the water, the press-service of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation".

APL "Smolensk" was adopted in repairs to restore the technical readiness in September 2011.

During the phase of slipway repair the ship made the bulk of the hull and the other docking works. After launching the completion of the ship will continue to survive. The specialists of "Stars" will hold an overload of active zones of the main power plant and perform complex repairs and reconstruction material part of the submarine.

Upon completion of the repairs service life of nuclear submarines will be extended for 3 years. In the battle of the fleet submarine "Smolensk" must be returned in the summer of 2013.

"Smolensk" — this is the second nuclear-powered Project 949A extending recovery technical readiness to "Asterisk". In November 2011, the Ship Repair Center completed the emergency repairs and restored the technical readiness of the same submarine "Voronezh". REFERENCE:

Nuclear submarine K-410 "Smolensk" (Project 949A "Antaeus") was built in Severodvinsk on the PO "Sevmash" project, developed by CDB ME "Rubin" (St. Petersburg). In the Navy submarine entered December 22, 1990. April 6, 1993 the ship given the name "Smolensk".

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