On the Star started testing equipment for the transportation and installation of RN

Ship Repair Center in Severodvinsk "Star" was successfully tested the first of two transport-erector launch complexes for the new family of launch vehicles, "Angara".

According to the company, as long as none of the Russian company, other than the CA "Star", no experience manufacturing similar designs. The equipment is designed for the transportation and installation of light and heavy missiles at the start of classes, according to ITAR-TASS. It is able to pinpoint accuracy to position the rocket up to 1 thousand tons on the launch pad. The main supporting structure of aggregates — frames and arrows — the size of a few tens of meters are manufactured to tolerances of a fraction of a millimeter.

The tests are conducted using dimensional models "Angara". In addition to the cargo load simulations and wind. To do this, shipbuilders have mounted a special system of cables.

"The unit is light weight 197 t class already" passed the exam. "The next step — test heavy-duty unit weighing more than 400 tons," — said the press service of the dockside.

Ship Repair Centre "Star" is involved in the creation of elements of the ground infrastructure space rocket complex "Angara" since 2007 in Severodvinsk has been manufactured and delivered to the customer Universal Stand assembling the head of the missile with the upper stage "Breeze". On the Plesetsk launch pad mounted shipbuilders and lead the assembly of sections of the tower cable-filling, made on the "star".

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