On the Volga Pipe Plant completed the railroad tracks at the station Factory

On the Volga Pipe Plant (VPP), which is part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), completed the construction of the connecting section of track at the station Factory. The length of railways has increased by more than two kilometers.

Access roads train station Factory divided into even and odd side. Up to the present time on the even side of the lack of connecting paths all the branches were dead ends. Shunting operations were carried out only on the odd side. Construction of a new connector road will improve the productivity of the railway department by reducing the time of shunting operations at the station Factory.

Construction of the connecting section of the path is completed in three months: laid on concrete sleepers desired section of the road are nine switches, made installation of two dead-end branches for engineering works on the length of 0, 5 km away. At the 2013 VPP together with Russian Railways plans to implement programs to improve stations and Pipe Factory.

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