On Venus, the Soviet probe lifted living beings?

January 20, 2012 19:38

Image of the surface of Venus, the resulting CA "Venus 13" March 1, 1982. Photo: from the site astronomy.net.ua

Pictures taken on Venus in the 1980s by Soviet landing probes, there are objects that are able to move around and may have "properties of living beings," says chief researcher at the Institute of Space Research Leonid Ksanfomality, RIA "Novosti".

— Identified objects visible in size from decimeter to half that appear, change or disappear. This is a random occurrence of images due to noise is hard to explain — he wrote in his article.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the researchers carried out a series of successful missions to study Venus, during which they received the first ever images of the surface, invisible from Earth because of the constant cloud cover in the dense atmosphere of the planet. Apparatuses "Venera-9" and "Venera-10" in 1975, followed by "Venera-13" and "Venera-14" in 1982, received a series of television panoramas of Venus by means of scanning photometric camera opto-mechanical type.

According to the author, the impetus for a new attempt to analyze the results of the previous Venus missions was "a large flow of new research results moderate mass exoplanets, including the need to meet and with the physical conditions of the body close to the Venusian."

Scientist recalls that in 1995, it was discovered more than 500 planets around other stars. Search for planets where life is possible, is based on the postulate of the normal physical conditions in the "zone of life", that is, pressure, temperature, possibly, atmospheric composition, like Earth.

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