On Zorya — Mashproekt handed the Year Award

January 29, 2013 by "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" a solemn presentation of the main prize of the enterprise. Along with the introduction in November 2012, the system of bonuses, the company has a program "Laureate" Zorya "-" Mashproekt. " Her goal — recognition of special merit and performance specialists.

Each year of the enterprise is put forward candidates for the main prize of the year. Award winners are specialists who made the greatest contribution to the development and success of the enterprise. This productive innovators and great leaders, skilled professionals, machinists and unique specialists, talented designers and engineers.

Chairman of the trade union committee of the enterprise Vladimir Jacques emphasizes: "No matter how you say good things about our company, our successes and achievements of our contribution to the development of our state, region, city, our contributions to the development of engineering in Ukraine, the success in the world market for our company the most valuable — it is our team. He is able to perform any task. "

Over the year, the title of Laureate GP Research and Production Complex "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" — 2012 were honored 11 employees: electrician for testing and repair of electrical equipment Jury Bulavin, repairer-6th discharge Vladimir Lvov, Turner-borer 6th discharge — Brigadier Vyacheslav Asadulaev, the operator of CNC 5-category Sergei Krasnonozhenko, mechanic mechanical-assembly operations of the 6th rank — Brigadier Ivan Racehorse, mechanic metal workshops — Brigadier Alexander Ibragimov, a mechanic for the assembly of metal structures 6th rank — brigadier Valery Taranukha , head of mechanical-assembly plant scale production Yuri Czerwinski, Senior Design Engineer Nikolai Matveyev, head of security CNC Andrey Rudenko, head of the shop maintenance and service technology, energy and lifting equipment Vladimir Nerchenko.

Since 2011, the winners not only receive a cash prize, but also for the whole of the following year a monthly allowance of 100% of the salary or wage rate

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