Onion dome on the Gothic church in Navahrudak will not

Representatives of Belarusian intellectuals, the public turned to the media, the Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Culture Ministry to protest against the establishment of onion dome on Novogrudskaya Borisoglebskaya church, a Gothic monument, which is the historical and cultural value of the 1st category (that is of global importance) .

The ancient Gothic church re-enactors — the local parish of the Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church — intended to establish a dome-bulbs that actually would destroy the historic character of the monument.

The appeal, in part: "We consider it our moral duty to appeal to the civic and cultural community of the country to strongly protest against the anti-cultural, anti-Belarusian Orthodox Church of … We demand an end to the destruction of our heritage "

The appeal was signed philosophers Ales Antipenko Valentin Akudovich, architect Irena Lavrovskaya, art Sergei Hareuski and Maxim Zhbankov.

Philosopher Valentin Akudovich opined:

We stopped to rebut such displays.

"Certainly, that's it — the consequences of the colonial heritage. This plays the role of national neskansalidavanasts, national nedaaformlenasts society simply cultural illiteracy, lack of attention to the heritage as a value. But there is one thing we have ceased to rebut such displays. Well, this barbarity must also come to an end sometime! The fact that the new churches built — well, you know your place these bulbs as you like. But to go into the old architecture with these additives with another culture is, vizantyyshchyny, relatively authentic Belarusian architecture and cultural model of religious buildings — there are no words … "

Architect Irina Lavrovskaya says:

"The shape, silhouette — they are too pronounced to humans. In our country it so happened that the environment space of our Belarus — they are what has evolved over millennia. It was not only created in the XIX century. Who is it that, unfortunately, the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church, priests who create and revive Belarusian congregations, for some reason we impose an external image of inherent Russian XIX century. And everywhere are beginning to establish golden onions, covered with gold, which is also characteristic of our mentality. It is not only the material value, it is also worth understanding that there is good for us. "

As learned Radio Liberty, The Ministry of Culture has to Novogrudskiy executive committee stringent requirement to cease all work on the reconstruction of the Church of Boris and Gleb.


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