Our «spies» will help them …

After the first round of debate between Obama and Romney in the United States, the current government has become aware that the rating gap between the candidates may not increase in favor of the present owner of the White House. In such a situation of Spice PR-issues was necessary to reflect on how to improve greatly diffused potential candidates, Barack Obama.

And here, like manna from heaven, almost all fell on their heads practically disclosed FBI spy scandal. As they say, it’s something to unwind at least some of the current president, and Obama as well.

Question about the arrested employees of the American company Arc Electronics town of Houston, four of which have dual (Russian-American) citizenship, while others were citizens of Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 11 detainees involved in implementations of microelectronics. Specifically sale microelectronic equipment (chips and chips) dual purpose through a chain of companies in Belize and the Virgin Islands in Russia caused suspicion among U.S. intelligence that for quite a long time engaged in wiretapping phone company representatives said. Clusters based on disk imaging the FBI made a specific conclusion that all 11 people — Russian spies. Tipo Fischenko, Posobilov, Dyatlov, Klebanov and others dealt with supply of microelectronic components in Russia, where they were used only for military purposes, trying to «catch up and overtake» prohibitive advanced South American technique. However, the South American special agents apparently have forgotten that their «secret» technique has a certain amount of time has managed to copy the Chinese … But the question here was not something to cover spy group, and to talk about spying specifically now … That needs «spies» from Arc Electronics.
Well, what else to American security officers may be representatives of the company, which is engaged in trade of electronics?
Naturally, spies, because it is now so on hand incumbent President Obama, who can get the status of the head of the White House, smogshego during his tenure as president of the South American almost bursts catch Russian agents (Azerbaijanis, Kazakhs, and even more so for the Yankees Ukrainians still Russian). Pp-time — 11 people and immediately covered Barack means own alert the NKVD man. And it is noteworthy that the spy scandal «a la Russe» broke out in the United States just before the presidential elections in the country. After all, still a month or cannoned agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Obama would not be entitled to the credit rating. But even if the FBI cannoned, the Arc Electronics completely could work and then, after working well for about 10 years, and no, you know, the suspicion of the agents did not cause … But the time has come, and all of America found that during the Russian a decade from the Yankees stole military technology, and sends them to the «center». Surprisingly, that for 10 years thanks to the South American Arc Electronics microchip in Russia and could not show their stealth fighter helicopters «Chinook» and other military equipment, which apparently only works on those chips, said the company implemented. ;

Commenting on the covers in the U.S. «spy» group deputy chairman of the Russian Government Dmitry Rogozin said that the scandal connected with the fact that Americans began to seriously fear the real competitiveness of Russian weapons. In his view, the United States were able to assess the progress of Russian defense industry, and so began a witch hunt. In this situation, witches were businessmen who had connections with the Russian Federation. Of course, that none of the Yankees once again needs to be persuaded that a man who came from the former Soviet Union, and now sells art military orientation exactly is a spy. If the «spy» Russian — this is doubly good for the American authorities. Apparently, the era of Cool war that all the assurances of the Yankees, long dispelled essentially sits deep in every South American typically mannered citizen. The last story now in the town of Houston is a perfect illustration of this.

Just for completeness feelings FBI had to go a bit further and announce that the Bureau, covering company Arc Electronics, found in her small office portrait of Stalin, the red flag with hammer and sickle on the wall, as the encryption machine and hanging cabinets for personal employees of the company FSB officers uniforms with inserted into the sleeves Budenovka. Needless to say, many in the electorate of both presidential candidates it would definitely impressed.

In general, «Military Review» and predicted: the closer the election of the South American president, so improbable materials will come from overseas. And Russian «spies» who shines 55 years most humane (U.S.) bullpen, in this real heating ranking candidates may be even flowers. Here and look to Obama will open the one who was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Mitt Romney will rescue the world from the huge meteorite …
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