Parallel World — issues 36-40

June 30, 2012 2:28

Parallel World — Issue 36 (06/13/2012)

The energy of the mentally ill, or dangerous sickness of the soul destroying energy? What color to choose shoes and why you should give up high heels? Who sleeps in a coffin, to win your own?

Parallel World — Issue 37 (06/14/2012)

Millions of believers pray and kiss the relics of saints. What is a miracle? How to use the magic of the knife for peaceful purposes? What happens to those who ate little kid cereals? Why men are bachelors?

Parallel World — Issue 38 (06/14/2012)

Indigo Children — hoax or real magic? We collect collection, or it makes us to collect yourself? The magic of the wedding: the five keys to a happy family.

Parallel World — Issue 39 (18/06/2012)

How to scoop the health of the River Jordan, and why holy water stores energy space? Why blog entries are changing our lives? How to belly dance influences marital happiness? How can you get into the soul?

Parallel World — Issue 40 (06/19/2012)

Who likes to sleep on a bed of nails or walk on coals? What threat are antiques to your home? How zodiac signs influence sexual orientation? What a figure on a car can cause an accident?

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