Parallel World — issues 41-45

June 30, 2012 2:41

Parallel World — Issue 41 (20/06/2012)

How do I know whether it's time to save a loved one? Why do parents feel their child at any distance? Can sweet improve your relationship?

Parallel World — Issue 42 (06/21/2012)

As with a needle can sew to the man in trouble? Who, when and how to borrow money? And who controls the leaders and governments? And also: what light is right for you? Which day your tryst with success? And where to go to find the meaning of life?

Parallel World — Issue 43 (25/06/2012)

Which numbers begin your happiness? Where a first date that the love has not gone? And as a cup of coffee will help transform your home into a full cup? Also: where in the world you can find a ghost, and that to say that it does not hurt you?

Parallel World — Issue 44 (06/26/2012)

Who we were in a past life? Brine from pickled cucumbers can help not only from a hangover — learn all about the secrets of pickles! Little sleep and sleep, how is this possible? And also: how to bite the pizza to a successful life? Who was your dog in a previous life? How to find an amulet that brings good luck?

Parallel World — Issue 45 (27/06/2012)

How to light a fire within you and do not burn? What you need to do in order to tame the four elements in your own kitchen? What shoes will lead you to the money straight road?

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