Paralyzed boy wrote on Twitter eyes

October 18, 2012 20:07

Paralyzed boy eyes connecting with friends (Photo:

Paralyzed boy eyes connecting with friends (Photo:

24-year-old disabled David Roth with movement disorders published text messages in a social network only by sight.
David Roth of California, confined to a wheelchair and unable to talk and walk, found a way to communicate with their peers: a young man sends text messages eyes.

15 years ago one of the local doctors clinics boy put a terrible diagnosis: cerebral palsy. David will never be able to talk and move.

In order to somehow ease the suffering of the patient, his mother and sister, Dave moved to live with him in the nursing home. Because of a serious illness, he two times in a coma. To the tragic moment of his life grew very fond of sitting at the computer and connect with friends on social networks.

Parents of young people first heard of specialized devices for the disabled in one of the TV show, where he represented the technical innovations designed specifically for people with disabilities.

Over time, the guy started to gain rapid popularity of the Web (Photo: a few days, staff facilities, which houses Russia, found in his house device that can read the information on his pupil. With it, the patient is able to type a message in the eyes of the virtual keyboard. The first thing David created an account in Twitter.

— Doctors always told me that I would not live up to 20 years — wrote on his page Ros. — Now I'm 24 years old and I feel great. Remember — I was, is and will be!

Over time, the guy started to gain popularity in the Internet because of witty messages and ironic comments. During Internet activity he developed thousands of virtual friends who support his kind words.

Online friends share their photos with David and the words of gratitude. According to users of the social network, it inspired them to better things.

— I love to live and try to be an optimist — said invalid. — I ask everyone to stop crying, complaining and arguing. Appreciate each other, because each of us can lose the most expensive at any second.

Recall that in June 2012 in the UK is completely paralyzed man Tony Nicholson for the first time in the history of text messages posted on a social network just by sight.

— Hello world! — Wrote in his blog paralyzed. — My name is Tony Nicholson. I locked man syndrome, and this is my first message.

Catherine Dontsova, Life News Online

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