Participants and spectators will meet Eurovision picket

The activists of the Belarusian diaspora hold a picket of solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus' complex in Dusseldorf, which will host the final part of the Eurovision Song Contest. Picket allowed local police.

The Promoter, Michael Shendik of Koblenz, told Radio Liberty:

Michael Shendik

Shendik: "May 14, we are holding the action in front of the" Arena ", which will host the final part of the" Eurovision ". The action is permitted by the police. We were allowed to be there, which will host all the press, all of us will see. We will keep the posters "Freedom to political prisoners", the theme of terrorism will also be present. Of course, we will have our white-red-white flags. Our campaign will begin from 17 hours to 20 hours, and the 12th stumble at the train station in Dusseldorf. It is assumed that join us and activists of the Belarusian diaspora in Belgium. Of course, we'd love to see next to all of us who are not indifferent to the fact what is being done Today in Belarus. "

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