Pentagon buys batch of F-35 fighters

Pentagon buys batch of F-35 fighters
U.S. Department of Defense and the company «Lockheed Martin» (Lockheed Martin) have signed a contract for the supply of 71 F-35 aircraft (Lightning II) within the 6th and 7th of head parties in the general price of 8.3 billion dollars. This was stated by the department for the development of the F-35 U.S. Air Force (F-35 Joint Program Office).
According to experts, this agreement is a fundamental milestone in the creation of programs from the F-35 and are the result of the efforts of the Ministry of Defense and industrial companies by lowering production and purchase price of the aircraft.

As a result, the total price of 36 aircraft 6th head of the party and the costs of their creation also achieved 4.4 billion dollars (3.7 billion dollars have been received under a contract signed in December 2012, and 0.7 billion dollars — by agreement of September 27). There was a separate unit price drop F-35 by 2.5 percent compared with the fighters produced in the 5th game. Prices for airplanes 6th game, so Makarov made: F-35A CTOL (plane with ordinary takeoff and landing) — 103 million dollars per aircraft (production volume — 23 pcs.) F-35B STOVL (vertical takeoff and landing) — 109 million dollars / unit. (Output — 6 pcs.)

F-35C CV (carrier-based version) — 120 million dollars / unit. (Output — 7 pcs.).

Configuration in the production of the F-35 7th head games have allowed to reduce the price of the 1st aircraft an average of 6 percent compared with the 5th Party:

F-35A CTOL (plane with ordinary takeoff and landing) — 98 million dollars / unit. (Production capacity — 24 pcs.) F-35B STOVL (vertical takeoff and landing) — 104 million dollars. / Unit. (Output — 7 pcs.) F-35C CV (carrier-based version) — 116 million dollars / unit. (Output — 4 units.). As indicated price planes 6th and 7th head parties not price comes engines.

Overall, 71 aircraft head-mentioned parties is in varying degrees of readiness. The company «Lockheed Martin» will begin shipping in the armed forces of customers at the end of a fighter of the first half 2014 (6th game) and continue to the end of the first half of 2015 (7th batch). The first countries to be delivered aircraft 6th game, Australia and Italy, 7th — Norway.

In these contracts previously discussed that the company «Lockheed Martin» will cover all production costs. In this case, if the production capacity will be lower than the calculated work, the money will be split between the government and the company in the ratio of 20:80 per cent, respectively. The above-mentioned agreements contain a clause according to which payments «Lockheed Martin» will be implemented as services of certain production goals.

Contracts for the supply of F-35 fighters of the 6th and 7th of head interchangeability parties contain a clause according to which the different configuration of the aircraft structure, which may occur during the various tests and demonstrations are provided directly by the government and 50:50 percent, respectively.

Supply engines to the F-35 aircraft is governed by a separate agreement, the U.S. Defense Department concluded with «Pratt & Whitney» (Pratt & Whitney).

As the South American experts, the statement made by representatives of the Division for the development of the F-35 U.S. Air Force, contrary to disk imaging provided on the same subject by the Ministry of Defence. Various media report that the amount of 2-contracts can be a total 7.8 billion dollars difficulties.

Terms of the new agreements are more profitable for the Pentagon because they shift a large part of the responsibility in case of non-agreement on the company «Lockheed Martin».

Total price is 71 aircraft, according to the department, 8.3 billion dollars — so Makarov, one plane is an average of 116, 9 million dollars, excluding the price of the motor, which is supplied by a separate agreement. This amount also includes contracts prior to production of the 6th and 7th of head games.

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