Pentagon suspends purchase of new «Apache»

Pentagon suspends purchase of new
U.S. Department of Defense has decided to postpone the purchase of helicopters latest configuration Boeing AH-64E before the end of 2018 fiscal year. This decision is based reduction South American municipal budget.

According to preliminary estimates, the delay in new U.S. postavkamiArmii «Apaches» will result in a «deficit» in the amount of 84 vertoltov. As you know, in August 2012 the Council for Defence Procurement U.S. granted permission for the establishment of a full-scale AH-64E, known as «Guardian». According to the previously approved plans, Boeing had to create four AH-64E per month over the next 2 years.

But cheap project requirements «Apache» became much harder, requiring adjustment plans for the future. Over the next 30 years, the U.S. Army will make a smooth transition from ordinary helicopters to new platforms that will significantly improve the speed, range and payload drums and multipurpose helicopters middle class. As one of the main tasks for the current year allocated money «using mature technologies and further modernization of existing equipment in order to reduce costs, while fully funding programs from OH-58F Kiowa Warrior».

Alexander Polishchuk

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