Penza military UFO took off for the camera

May 26, 2012 16:23

Retired major defense Yuri Pashanin noticed in the sky above Penza unidentified flying object and was able to take it on camera.

Strange flying laps before Yuri saw three times: in 1982 — at the site in Kazakhstan, even when he served in the air defense in 2000 — in Penza, and in 2012, at the beginning of May — here. However, he was able to photograph an object just now.

"At 20:55 wife noticed that the object appeared over a forest of gray. I immediately went for the camera and started shooting. In ten seconds the object has become dramatically go toward the horizon "- said a resident of the city of Penza Yuri Pashanin.

Penzenets sure this is not a package that has been raised into the air by the wind, and radio model. The man made several attempts to increase the footage.

"With a large approximation can be seen in the shape of the object, and its three-dimensional image, as well as appearing and disappearing lights", — said Yuri Pashanin.

Yuri is ready to give the video the author of the "The Other Side" Sergei Volkov, he analyzed to skim. Maybe this will give some answers.

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