People will start to talk, as the heroes of Star Wars

March 28, 2012 10:03

With the new technology will soon be a realistic holographic TV.

People will start to talk, as the heroes of "Star Wars"

A new technique of holography, able to capture the object in natural colors, physics developed in Japan. Not only that, three-dimensional objects can be seen even in normal daylight white light. Create full-color hologram is based on the use of plasmons — quasiparticles, which are collective oscillations of the free electron gas. With this method, and it became possible to create holographic displays — such as those that use the characters of "Star Wars", and even full color.

 Recall that the creation of holograms of physics involved with the 60-ies of the last century. At the heart of the hologram recording process is the interference of two light waves with similar frequency. Then, in a certain region of space stacked two waves. One of them goes directly from the source (the reference wave) and the other is reflected from the object record (object wave). If in this very place the interference region, such as a photographic plate, then it has a complex picture darkening bands that correspond to the distribution of electromagnetic energy in this region of space, writes

General operation of the plasmon hologram. Photo: and Science / AAAS

Now after this plate to cover a wave close to the base. In this plate converts it to a wave in a wave close to the object. So, we'll see the same light, which would be reflected from the object record. That is, three-dimensional image.
In modern conditions, when creating an Image on a thin film of silver used two lasers. They act on the plate on both sides. It is not surprising that with such technology portrayed in the volume image will always be the same color, which reflects the laser. And it is always blue or green. The most famous examples are protective holograms on credit cards and banknotes.
Today, Japanese scientists from the Laboratory of Nanophotonics Institute of Physical and Chemical Research RIKEN drguim went through. As is the case with conventional holograms, physics interference pattern recorded by laser. To copy the desired color of the object, the researchers illuminated it with lasers of three colors: red, blue and green. The image is then recorded on a photosensitive plate, covered with a thin layer of metal.
Recreate a three-dimensional image of the object by means of ordinary daylight. It excites the free electrons in the metal, their movement and vibrations engendered quasiparticles called surface plasmons (surface plasmon). Plasmons alter light rays so that they are returning to the observer's eye, creating a realistic image of the object, composed of green, red and blue light in a wide range of viewing angles.
Despite the more complex structure, this film is quite thin. It is arranged in the following way: the average 55-nm layer of silver covered with a thin film speed side, and the other — a layer of silicon dioxide. The total thickness of the whole structure does not exceed a few hundred nanometers.
Scientists promise that using this technology will soon have a realistic holographic television and movies.

Svetlana KUZINA

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