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November 12, 2012 21:54

The invention of electricity, and then create on its basis of various transmission and storage: the telegraph, radio, computers — not only enable humanity to a new level of development, but, apparently, destroyed impenetrable wall that separates the world of the living from the dead.


In the legends of almost all nations, and the priests could no technical means to speak with the dead. But most scientists believed these myths and legends just a fairy tale.
Do not trust professionals and people with extraordinary stories, psychic abilities, telling of the "voices of the dead", which sounded in their head, knowing this simple deception.
Suspicious of people with scientific mind to the voices of the dead began to change with the end of the XIX century.

Dictated by the spirits

Back in 1895 the inventors of the electric telegraph Marconi and Edison predicted that a time will come when mankind will be able to come into contact with the dead.
According to them, with the help of radio waves passed away themselves find a way to "connect" with the living. They even hinted that have created such a device. Unfortunately, his descriptions in scientific papers were found.
One way or another, since the beginning of XX century, newspapers began to appear notes that sometimes the Morse apparatus is suddenly knock signals, warning of an impending disaster. But those relatively rare cases of perceived reading public just as amusing curiosities.
Therefore, the news that using a tape recorder, you can record voices of the dead, which appeared in newspapers in the middle of the XX century, it became a sensation. Idea to record voices of the spirits on the film belongs to a certain Thomas Drayton. First, he suggested that his unit accidentally recorded fragments of radio broadcasts, but, after listening attentively film, Drayton in one of the voices heard the voice of his long-dead father.
But usually it is associated with the name opening opera singer from Sweden Jurgenson. In 1959, the artist participated in the project tape recording of birds singing in the woods near his home in Mölndal. At home, listening to the film, along with singer trills of birds heard a man's voice, which is clearly pronounced in Norwegian phrase "bird songs the night."
But Jurgenson when writing was all alone! Startled, he did in the woods a few records. On one of them heard the voice of the singer dead mother, who warns him, "Frederick, watching you!".
Mysterious sounds on the tape are interested in the singer and he decided to study them. Analyzing listen, he concluded that the voices speaking in different languages, often changing them in mid-sentence. However, the structure of sentences, accentuation, division into syllables voice makes a lot of mistakes.
Rate of speech has changed almost all the time — from the fluid to the Treaty patters, to understand in which you could only some sounds. Years of painstaking research have allowed Jurgenson written and published in 1963 the book "Voices of the Universe", in 1967 — "radio contact with the dead," which produced a sensation, not only among the reading public, but in the scientific world.

The other world holds secrets

It has been nearly 10 years, and the Latvian professor, student Jurgenson, Konstantin Raudive presented new film with mystical voices. Many skeptical scientists have tried to refute the results of his experiments, showing that the films of the voices that speak mainly in Latvian, German and French.
And the topics of conversation were too strange: the colors of clothing, household items. Therefore, most scientists were convinced that the votes recorded professor — is accidentally caught a wave radio and television. Resolve their doubts helped experiment carried out in March 1971.
Engineers have put in the studio special equipment to cover any accidental hit the waves of radio and television broadcasting. In the experiment we used the best examples of the existing equipment and then the most high-quality magnetic tape.
Raudive used a recording device, while the other is connected to and synchronized with it, served as a control.
To avoid fraud, a professor was not allowed to engage in their own setting. He could only give commands into the microphone. The third recording deck, synchronized with a tape Raudive, recording all the sounds in the studio. Entry "Raudive voices" was 18 minutes, and none of those present in the studio heard no unusual sounds.
But scrolling tape again, they found her more than a hundred votes. The experts were stunned. Besides controlling the recording device did not record anything at all. "It is impossible from the point of view of electronics" — confessed English engineer, who led the experiment.
Analysis of the phenomenon of votes on the tape has allowed scientists to draw interesting conclusions, not only confirms the reality of their existence, but also explain why they can not always write. No record of votes will not occur if the equipment is working in an empty room.
This should present people. And if so, always, of course, there is an assumption that they unconsciously "guilty" in the appearance of these votes. Despite the sensational results recorded voices of the dead, received in the 60 years of the last century, interest in them over the years, gradually subsided.

Phone connects to the other world

In the late 90's of the last century in the newspapers of various countries began to report on phone calls from the world of the dead. These messages seem strange events and paranormal, but still calls happen more and more often.
One can even imagine that the increased intensity of radio waves that fill the space around the globe, "thins" the wall separating the world of the living and the dead. Most telephone conversation takes place between people who have been living in a close emotional relationship, between husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters, sometimes between friends.
Such contacts researchers call "targeted." They usually come from the other world, and motivated by a desire to say something of the living dead: say goodbye to them, to warn them or tell something important.
For example, the father of actress Ida Lupino, Stanley, who died in London during the Second World War, without a will, called her daughter six months after his death, to tell of his last will. He pointed to where the hiding place in which to store his papers.
People who heard calls "from the world", it is said that the voices of dead sound just as in life. Moreover, the dead often use affectionate names and their favorite words. Phone calls with as usual, although some people say that the bell still sounds a bit dull and unnatural.
In most cases the relationship with such calls is poor, with a lot of noise and kept breaking voice, as if crossing lines. In many cases, the voice of the dead can be heard with difficulty, and in the course of conversation, he becomes more and more quietly.
Very rarely feedback: when the initiator of the call is live. The caller did not realize that at the time of a call the other person is dead. One woman had a dream about her friend, with whom she has not seen for seven years. Sleep is very concerned about her: she saw that friend lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
Waking up, she was worried and decided to call her. When she answered, she calmed down. A friend said she was in the hospital, but now she was discharged in a few days it will be possible to come. When the woman accepted the invitation, her companion suddenly became nervous and said she will call back later.
After a time, and not waiting for call back, the woman called herself. Answered the call friends and relatives reported that she died six months ago …
After the phone's time TVs and computer monitors. World-renowned experts in the field of video with the world of the dead audiokontakta Magee and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg in 1987 with the help of special equipment have a clear picture in contact with the dead man on the television screen.
A year later, Magee was a unique computer images and was able to maintain contact through a short computer with his dead friend.
Around the same time in England couple was suddenly getting emails from some of Thomas Hardy, assures us that he wrote to them from 1545. Experienced linguists have confirmed that the language of the letter is fully consistent with the era and the possibility of forgery completely excluded. After receiving 250 letters from Thomas the same married couple unexpectedly received a letter from 2109.
But that wrote the American weekly "Weekly World News." For seven months, Phil Shraver — 56-year-old electronics specialist from Oklahoma — have repeatedly communicated with the deceased dear to his heart: his wife and daughter. In every such conversation he saw them both on the screen color TV and heard the voices of the dead through his speaker.
It all started with the fact that for two years Shraver unsuccessfully fought to create a fundamentally new design TV antennas. After much work, in July 1990, its prototype model was finally made. But hardly Shraver connect the antenna to the TV as its screen appears blurred girls, who immediately started talking.
The inventor was taken aback, because he had learned in the image on the screen his own daughter Karen, who died in a car crash in 1986. After a couple of days when Shraver again tested the antenna on the screen there was Alicia — his long-dead wife. She also spoke to him, and Shraver found her voice, though he could not make out the words: their noise drowned.
One would think that the examples of cases recorded voices on tape recorders, telephone conversations with the dead, their faces emerging on television, clearly show that the world of the dead, and that there is a technical means possible to contact them.
But not all so simple. Some researchers believe the abnormal phenomena that can give another explanation for all these phenomena. Voice and image on the TV belong to the world of the dead. They are the information imprinted in the brain of the living.
On a subconscious level, it is transmitted psychokinetic on tape, the TV screen or membrane phone. The fact that this information can actually be stored in the brain of the living, confirms the fact that I have already mentioned: no record of votes will not occur if the equipment is working in an empty room — it must be present people.
Therefore, all these examples should not be seen as an end to the solution of the problem "Does the world of the dead?", But only as a step to solving it.

Prepared by Vladimir Tverdokhlebov
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