Perm residents watched the mysterious UFO-lantern

February 8, 2013 2:46

On the set shows how luminous spherical object floating slowly over the houses.

Perm residents said they saw a UFO in the sky. As proof of the witnesses presented a video posted on the Internet. On the set can be distinguished as luminous spherical object floating slowly over the houses, reports "BBC News".

However, an unidentified object was hardly a space shooter. Most likely, the witnesses saw a glowing Chinese lantern out of paper. These toys have recently become popular in Russia. In China, these "UFO" on holidays observed by the hundreds and thousands.
Recall that in 2010 the Perm government actually acknowledged the existence of UFOs and spread out around the city pointers for tourists interested in unidentified flying objects. For example, near the village of Molebka an inscription reading "anomalous zone". According to ufologists, in this place humans often meet "green men," wrote the "Interfax".

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