Petersburg a week shaking mysterious tremors

MOE.  Photo NEWSru.comSt. Petersburg residents for days feel mysterious tremors in the north of the city in the evening, but their nature is not yet possible to establish. Seismologists believe that the cause of the phenomenon — the explosions of ammunition at military sites. However, the military claimed that the destruction of ammunition occurs exclusively during daylight hours, according to "".

The first reports of unexplained shocks began to arrive at the end of last week. Late in the evening of February 24 Petersburger Roman said that on the outskirts of St. Petersburg — in Devyatkino and Murino — he and his neighbors had to endure the discomfort. "From 20:30 to 22:46 rocked at least four times," — said in a letter that he sent to the editor of publication.

The next evening, at 21:55 on a similar phenomenon reported another reader — Eugene: "About an hour ago, residents of the street Demian Poor were thrilled incomprehensible jolts that shook the house so that the cabinets of flying things. Tremors were repeated several times. At the same time, was heard a strange rumbling Avenue Enlightenment. sound was like the sound of the explosion and was repeated several times. "

Then the editors literally knocked the letter with the same content, and it was mainly about the inhabitants of the northern districts of St. Petersburg, the article notes. Publication refer to specialists.

Director of the center of deep geophysics All Russia Geological Research Institute Sergei Kashubin suggested that aftershocks in St. Petersburg may be a consequence of the earthquake as well as the destruction of munitions at the site. According to him, the area does not apply to an earthquake-prone, but it does not mean that the region is not possible earthquakes, the epicenter of which may even be hundreds of miles away.

At the same time, the nature of the events reported by the St. Petersburg can be explained and damaging projectiles, experts say. "An explosion in a military unit can be felt in the region is remote — says geophysicist. — Sometimes tens of miles, hundreds of miles from the place where, actually, the explosion occurred."

In the Western Military District (WEST) edition reported that the fears of St. Petersburg heard, and the information has been verified. "The destruction of ammunition in landfills District held in the daytime, weekend destruction of ammunition is not carried out, — the press-secretary of the commander WEST Andrei Bobrun. — On Saturday (February 26), according to the plan, held cleanups of the products of destruction. Sunday ( February 27) — a day off. "

In turn, Section Head of Seismology LRG main Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory RAS Assinovskaya Bell confirmed that on February 25 in the region of 20-21 hours is really 17 aftershocks were recorded within 40 km of seismic Pulkovo. Presumably, the epicenter could be in the Karelian Isthmus — either the north side of the city, or more to the area and Pargolovo Rzhevka. Later Assinovskaya citing Emergencies Ministry said that the cause tremors — the destruction of ammunition.

In the center of crisis management publication also reported that the cause of alarm townspeople began action on a military training ground. As expected Assinovskaya, it could be action at Rzhev landfill, which is just located in the alleged epicenter. However, according to the publication, February 25, although there were tested weapons, but they are not related to undermine.

Perhaps the reason for the mysterious tremors were the events Bobochinskom stationed farther range, but there is destruction of ammunition, as well as tests on Rzhev range were conducted, according to the WEST, in the daytime.

Meanwhile, the editors editions continue to receive letters of citizens shocks of unknown origin and a sound like an explosion. In particular, a man named Eugene wrote: "At the end of Queen Avenue, from the north-west of the city, a few days hear the sounds of explosions. House at ul. Sharov, 23, apparently located front to the blast wave (at the corner of Queen St. and. Shavrova), literally swinging every time, and almost simultaneously with the sound of the explosion. on the top floor of a ten houses are very uncomfortable … "

In turn, got in touch with the editors reader Stanislav. He clarified that the thunder is already 2-3 weeks and offered his version: the area between Prospect and Suzdal Kadoma approximately between the street and the Civil Ushinskogo Avenue at night are building. The thunder is the moment when the tractor crashes into truck. At night, when the tractor hits a bucket of truck, he makes one, sometimes two punch, thunder is such that rattles the windows. The stories that emerge from the closets things said Stanislav exaggeration.

Last year, the mysterious tremors rocked several parts of the country
Recall that last year, such tremors have been recorded in various parts of the country. In late December, the tremors of magnitude 4 points were recorded in the region of Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region. According to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (CSEM), the epicenter of the earthquake was located 26 km east of Novokuznetsk, and 14 km northeast of aspen forests.

In the administration of Novokuznetsk confirmed tremors, but the reasons are not mentioned. In GU Emergencies Ministry in the Kemerovo region have reported that as a cause tremors considered man-made version. In particular, the tremors in the MOE associated with the planned blasting at Abagurovskom career.

Previously reported that the strange tremors from mid October 2010 worried residents of Chelyabinsk. Regional authorities insisted that the tremors experts blame Chebarkul military range. Chelyabinsk Region Governor Mikhail Yurevich also stated that "earthquake" occurred because of military operations.

However, the military disown "earthquakes" in Chelyabinsk and lay the blame on local politics: in their view, the cause of fluctuations in Chelyabinsk houses were blasting in Novosmolinskom career, organized by the company, owned by the family of First Vice-Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Yuri Karlikanova. Carlin himself called the military version of absurdity.

Suspicious events of a similar nature occurred in the Murmansk region in October 2010 near the town of Kirovsk earthquake with magnitude 3.2 units. Locals suspect that the earthquake did not happen on natural causes as a result of blasting at the Kirov mine. According to others, there was a settling of the mountain, which is dug mine.

Management of "FosAgro", which owns the mine, called natural earthquake event. But the deputy director of the Mining Institute Sergey Lukichev explained then that the man-made earthquake — an earthquake is, to some extent caused by human activities: "Because of mining natural balance is disturbed, it affects the natural processes, and they can be activated."

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