Phenomenon Bonilla

January 4, 2013 2:27

Phenomenon Bonilla

In 1883, the head of the Mexican Observatory observed multiple UFOs. What was it really?

August 12th, 1883 at 8:00 Zacatecas Observatory director Jose A. Bonilla was preparing to study the solar corona when he saw a surprising phenomenon. He found a few distant objects, which were close to each other and crossed the solar disk. Within two hours, until the sky was clear, he was able to observe and count 283 celestial bodies that intersect at the corner of them drawn by the lens design. Between 8:00 and 8:40 on August 12 August 13, 1883, Bonilla counted a total of 447 sites in 3 hours 25 minutes of seeing the clear sky. On average, it goes 131 object per hour. It turns out, for 25 hours (that is, a little more than a day) 3275 objects crossed the solar disk.

Above is a geometric observation scheme Bonilla. On-the point at which the observed object. D — distance from the observatory to space objects.

In 1886, not making any hypothesis to explain the phenomenon, Bonilla published a report in the French magazine L `Astronomie. "Objects crossing the solar disk at intervals of 1-2 minutes. Out of nowhere appeared more and more objects. Some of the objects were in groups of 15-20 pieces at once. I noted that the trajectory of many of these bodies on the solar disk, marking their 'inputs' and 'outputs' on paper "- said Bonilla.

There have been several theories to explain this strange phenomenon. Among them was even a theory that it was a flock of birds, which saw Bonilla telescope. But it was too implausible explanation. And only a couple of hundred years, scientists have come to the conclusion that it was a comet. A huge number of comets, crossed the solar disk. Scientists now believe that each of the observed comets then Bonilla, had the destructive power equivalent to 185 bombs that were dropped or Hiroshima. But to be more precise, it was not even a comet and destroy fragments of the comet, flew away from 538 to 8,000 kilometers from Earth.

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