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Phimosis is the restriction of the foreskin. It can be expressed to varying degrees. In the easiest foreskin hardly bares head Penile during erection, but easily opens it in a calm state of the penis. In severe urine during urination first accumulates and then dropwise excreted. This disease is common in2-3% Of men.

Why did this happen?

Until the age of the foreskin as a "glue" to the head of the penis, and then begins to separate from her, and to six years in head is in favor of its borders.

The causes narrowing of the foreskin really unclear. However, according to some the disease may be due to failure of the connective tissue in the body that has a genetic predisposition.

Phimosis can persist from childhood or develop during puberty. During this period, you may receive the discrepancy between the development of the penis and the foreskin — the foreskin is less than head. Head called hard or not open at all.

Subsequently, phimosis can be the cause of balanitis (balanoposthitis) — an inflammation of the glans and foreskin. The opposite is true — balanitis may be the cause of phimosis.

What if this happens?

Phimosis dangerous because when erect glans penis and foreskin increases tightly stretched. In this case, there are cracks in it and microcracks. Typically, they are small in size, do not bleed and not cause any trouble. But alive, in their place, scar formation or mikrorubets. Scar tissue is much less elastic than normal tissue of the foreskin. So with each new scar foreskin narrows more and more, that is, the disease progresses.

Further development of phimosis may cause increment of the foreskin to the head. No particular discomfort this condition does not cause, but attempts to open the head accompanied by severe pain and bleeding.

If you phimosis, remember that during sexual intercourse or masturbation may occur pinching the foreskin of the penis head — paraphimosis. Once the foreskin exposes the head of the penis, it can not return to the original position, that is, Head pinching occurs and consequently, impaired blood flow in it. This is a very unpleasant condition can lead to gangrene (necrosis) of tissues head Penile, so when Paraphimosis should seek emergency urologist or andrologist.

In poor hygiene practices may be a bacterial inflammation of the glans and foreskin — balanopostit. This happens because the grease accumulating penis (smegma) is a good breeding ground for germs. Therefore, if the existing phimosis you feel pain extending to the whole member and increasing urination, and from the opening of the foreskin begins to leak pus, which leads to the formation of crusts in and around this hole, then you have already started balanitis, and you should soon see a doctor. If you run this process, you run the risk of getting cancer of the penis, as infected smegma is carcinogenic factor.

Balanitis increases the likelihood of disease in diabetes is primarily due to the fact that the sugar in the urine, is a good breeding ground for bacteria.


If you have phimosis, you should not wait for serious complications, refer to andrologu or urologist.

The main and only treatment for phimosis is circumcision (circumcision) — an operation that removes all or part of the foreskin. Previously, there were attempts to use drug therapy, such as hormone treatment for phimosis, however, has proved to be a special effect, it does not.

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